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Manor house of Daniel Obajtek in Borgo.  The Disabled Foundation received money from Arlan

Manor house of Daniel Obajtek in Borgo. The Disabled Foundation received money from Arlan

  • Daniel Objek bought the palace in 2017 when he was CEO of Energa. Initially, he called it “Crazy RP.” He leased it to the foundation, which was to renovate it and build a youth center there.
  • In April 2020, the contract with “Kresy RP” was terminated, and the new tenant, Zakopane, joined the Handicap Foundation, its chairman affiliated with PiS.
  • At the same time, people with disabilities need to build a kindergarten in Jakoban for local government funding, but no agreement has been signed with the city
  • The chairman of the foundation, Daniel Obajtek, admits that he met with him in person and talked about Arlan’s support for its organization. Arlene did not answer “Vyborksa”‘s questions on the matter
  • More information can be found on the Onet homepage

“Vyborka” has written many times about the manor house in Borgo. Daniel Obajtek This decaying palace with a park in 2017, he was still the head of another state-owned company – Energa. As he says, he did it to create a center for the sick from Tourette’s Syndrome, who himself suffers.

Initially, the Obajtech property was a Polish aid and relationship trust “Crazy RP.” Leased to, which promised to set up a museum and rehabilitation and educational center for Polish youth from the East. To renovate the manor house, she received nearly 800 thousand. PLN of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, as well as state-owned companies KGHM and PKO.

Jacobin Foundation and a manor house in Pomerania

However, the Crazy Foundation did not implement its plans. In 2020, Daniel Obajtek terminated the lease agreement with him, “Vyborka” reported in March. At the time, the trust did not answer the newspaper’s questions about resolving the reasons and costs of the split. Arlene argued that this was at the request of the Foundation, which had limited the scope of its activities in relation to the epidemic.

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“Crazy R.P.” Transferred from Jacobin by Handicap Foundation. The registration of the manor’s land and mortgage shows that the previous lease agreement ended on April 16, 2020, the same day Obajtek handed it over to the Jacobin Foundation for several years, writes “Viborxa”.

The leader of the Hadicap, Małgorzata-Tlałka Długosz, is associated with law and justice. In 2019, on behalf of this group, he joined the Jacobin City Council. As she says, more support for her foundation began to come after President Andrzej Duda organized ski competitions. According to a Handicap report read by “Viborxa”, since 2017 he has been funded by the PZU Foundation, another state-owned company.

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A kindergarten not yet established

In early 2020, the “Little Masters” project and an integrated and therapeutic kindergarten received more than 3 million PLN handicaps from the Mandopolska local government (administered by PiS). The facility was to be built in a building in Ull. Sienkiewicz, based in Zakopane, wanted to renew the PLN 10 index lease for a month from the trust city. The councilors agreed and the rate was increased to PLN100.

However, the lease agreement was not signed, and the kindergarten was not established in Jakoban – “Geseta Vyborka” report. Małgorzata-Tlałka Długosz writes in a reply to the newspaper that it was caused by an epidemic. “The whole process of obtaining a lease facility has been delayed and the chances of implementing the project are declining, so in the meantime we decided to cooperate with Mr. Daniel Obajtek” – reassures the chairman of the trust.

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City Hall in Jogoban, the chairman of the foundation, only sent a letter to the mayor on November 29, 2020, informing him of the change in plans. As the Foundation was eager to spend money from the Marshall’s office, we leaned back to pass a resolution quickly. The resolution was passed and the lease agreement was on the table. Mrs. Małgorzata Tlałka-Długosz did not sign it. We learned orally that the Foundation did not want to sign the contract. The basic principle of individual culture is that the foundation must officially declare that its plans have changed. Months passed and there was peace in one part of the foundation – Jacoban councilor Timothy Mirus tells “Vyborka”.

Meeting with Obaztech

In the same 2020, the disabled received PLN 200,000 from the RLN Foundation. PLN, Lotus Foundation from 150 thousand. TLłka-Długosz does not want to reveal the PLN and support of the Daron Foundation because, as he says, the collaboration is not over yet. Thanks to our activities for people with intellectual disabilities, we gain recognition and reputation not only domestically but also nationally, which is why we are able to gain more and more sponsorship support for our activities – explains “Vyborka”.

The head of HandyCap argues that its foundation received funding from Arlon in early 2020, before the end of the lease agreement for the manor home in Borgo. He says he met with Daniel Obazkime about this. It was during this meeting that we told the President about our problems with the Kindergarten seat. The president said he had a property on which to build a treatment center in Borgo – “Vyborka”.

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The lease of the palace was completed for 30 years. The Foundation wants to upgrade it to at least a few, or several dozen million slots. The building will be the property of Daniel Obajtech. Handicap wants to place new assets in the plot. If we successfully implement the planned rehabilitation center, the contract will be further extended or handed over to the Facility Trust. We have the assurance of Daniel Obajtek – argues Talaska-Dugos.

Arlene did not respond to questions from the newspaper about whether Daniel Obajtek had personally participated in the funding talks for the Jacobin Foundation.