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Macron’s coalition loses majority |  SVT News

Macron’s coalition loses majority | SVT News

Polling stations closed at 8 p.m. on Sunday and it quickly became clear that Macron’s power base had eroded. Macron’s coalition will initially get between 210 and 240 seats in the National Assembly after Sunday’s parliamentary elections. Requires a majority of 289 seats – the result of the election was thus a real failure for the re-elected president.

– Of course, they hoped to get their majority so that Macron could continue his policy without having to compromise too much, but it seems that they will have to negotiate a lot, says SVT European correspondent David Poiti.

France’s Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne has said that they will start looking for potential partners this week to have a majority backing them and thus be able to stabilize the policy in the future.

– We are the largest, but the first place is clearly disappointing, says Minister of Justice Eric Dupond Moretti on the outlook.

The Left Coalition Presses the Liberals

The left-wing coalition led by Jean-Luc Mélenchon is expected to gain between 170 and 195 seats in parliament, thus becoming a counterweight to the left.

– It is completely unexpected and we have not seen it before, says Melenchon to his supporters who fought like him for a left-wing coalition, and adds that they succeeded in achieving their goal – to deprive President Macron of his majority in Parliament.

The National Group makes its best choice so far

But perhaps the biggest surprise was that the far-right National Assembly won between 80 and 100 seats, a revolutionary change, since the party had had only a handful of seats before.

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– We have reached our goal, which is to make Emmanuel Macron the leader of the minority without control of power, as Le Pen said at his vigil.

The party has never before been so large in the National Assembly, and the result means the far right can consolidate its power and form a party group in Parliament.

– It’s pure tsunami. President Macron has lost. He cannot continue his economic policy. He cannot continue with his immigration policy. He cannot continue to hand power to the European Union, says Jordan Bardella of the National Assembly.

Low turnout سجل

In the run-up to the election, Macron’s coalition together was likely to have a direct majority, but the outcome was difficult to predict because this year’s turnout was unusually low. Less than half of French voters cast their ballots, according to the latest projections. The participation rate was estimated at 46 percent.

For Jean-Luc Melenchon, this is a sign of Macron’s “moral failure” and that the political establishment as a whole has failed, he says.

– France has said our word, and we must admit that the percentage of those who did not vote is very large. A large part of France does not know where to turn.