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SVT at the site of the bombed oil depot: “a major setback for Ukraine”

SVT at the site of the bombed oil depot: “a major setback for Ukraine”

Since Russia withdrew from the western parts of Ukraine, the focus has shifted more and more to the fighting in the east.

However, this does not mean that the rest of Ukraine is spared. In recent days, Russia has launched more and more attacks on fuel depots even in the West, Ukrainian MP Lesya Vasylenko wrote on Twitter.

I heard a big explosion.

SVT envoys to Ukraine, Samir Abu Eid and Salem al-Sabbagh, saw with their own eyes examples of Russian attacks on fuel depots. They are in Dnipro, where thick black smoke is still billowing in the sky after Saturday’s attack on an oil depot.

– We were not far from here when the attack happened and we heard a big explosion. Even though it happened last night, it’s still on fire, Samir Abu Eid says on Rapport.

One person was reportedly killed in the attack, while several others were injured. In addition to immediate damage, attacks like the one in the Dnipro could also have consequences for Ukraine’s ability to defend itself, according to Abu Eid.

For Ukraine, this is a big setback. He says they need fuel for their cars to try to defend themselves east.

Fighting continues in Sevgerodonetsk

But even if attacks against targets continue across Ukraine, the fiercest fighting continues in the eastern parts of the country. The big focus is now on the defense of Sievjerodonetsk, many are evaluating this The final battle is approaching.

– There, Russia appears to be using the same tactics used in Mariupol, to destroy the entire city simply to take it over. If it succeeds, it will control the entire Luhansk region, says Samir Abu Eid.

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