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Madonna sang with Maluma at her concert in Medellin

Atanasio Girardot of Medellin stood when he left Madonna To sing the song “Medellín” with Malumaa success that traveled around the world due to the collaboration between Antioquian and American.

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Her own personality and way of dancing moved the whole audience, and even the Colombian singer himself, who could not believe that she was singing his songs on stage.. He answered himself, “Yes, he is in Medellin.”

She danced, sang and aroused the interest of the audience, this was Madonna’s passage through the capital of Antioquia, because in addition to accompanying her friend the famous singer who we saw succeeding in the 90s and two thousand people, now we see her collaborating with various artists both in the United States and internationally.

It should be noted that Medellín was not the only song they sang together, because North America gave the people of Antioquia “Music” one of their greatest songs, But he did so with a more urban flow, as Maluma himself was seen singing some of the lines of this well-known song, which has already racked up more than 31 million views on YouTube.

other guests

Not the only artist invited to the event, Juan Luis welcomed guests such as Grupo Firme, Feid, Blessd, Wolfine and ‘Abril’, a new artist from Medellin, who won the co-host for the event. In a competition conducted by the same singer from Antioquia on his social networks.

This isn’t the Queen of Pop’s first visit to Colombia, as she actually visited our territory in 2012, all as part of her MDNA tour. On that occasion, unique experiences were lived, all thanks to his impressive show, which was also held in Medellin.

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On that occasion, Madonna gave two concerts, so this was her third intervention in this stadium, but this time she, along with those present, celebrated the 10-year career of Juan Luis Londono, known to all as Maluma.

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