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Magdalena Anderson confident of Joe Biden’s verbal agreement

Washington, DC. After meeting at the White House, Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson felt safe with US security insurance during the crucial months when Sweden applies for NATO membership.

At the same time, no written agreements were signed during the Washington visit.

– The verbal agreements made by President Biden are very strong, she told Aftonbladet.

president Joe Biden He walked out of the Oval Office, surrounded by the Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson Finnish President Sauli Niinistö, after an hour-long meeting on the security situation.

He tied his arm with Anderson under the portico, and the three climbed together on the podium in the Rose Garden of the White House.

“I am proud today to assure them that they have the full and complete support of the United States,” Biden said of Sweden and Finland’s recent requests to NATO.

He stressed that the United States will work with the countries of the North to deter and confront all aggressions from Russia during the application process.

– We’re with when this now continues forward. I mean it really,’ continued Biden, who wore a Swedish tie during the meeting.

In addition, he called on the US Senate to approve the states’ membership applications – as soon as possible. In order to pave the way for a rapid operation, and lead the way for other NATO countries.

Magdalena Anderson thanked Biden, highlighting the strong relations between the two countries, and said that the situation in Ukraine reminds us of the most difficult days in the history of Europe.

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And in dark times, it’s great to be among close friends.

Prime Minister Magdalena Anderson with President Joe Biden outside the White House on Thursday.

The President of the United States welcomed Beninistto and Anderson to the White House.

Does not see any military threats from Russia

After visiting the White House, Magdalena Anderson met with top Democrats and Republicans at the Capitol.

She then met with the Swedish press, and then commented on security insurance from the USA, during the critical gray zone period when Sweden is applying for NATO membership.

She says Sweden can only get “insurance” – not very strong security guarantees covered by full NATO members.

– Of course there is a difference. This is also why we want to become a member of NATO. But even so, both President Biden and several other NATO member states have said they will stand by Sweden and Finland during the application process. It’s an important message – and a clear signal to the outside world.

And she continued, “It is a stable base to stand on in this situation,” and confirmed that they do not see any military threats from Russia at the present time.

At the same time, Sweden must also be prepared for cyber attacks or other attempts at influence from Moscow.

During Defense Secretary Peter Hultqvist’s visit to the Pentagon this week, he also held ministerial meetings where he discussed the practical aspects of security insurance that the United States is talking about.

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This could include more warships in the Baltic Sea, strategic flights with bombers, as well as military exercises, Aftonbladet told.

But it appears that no written agreements on security backups have been signed between Sweden and the United States, according to the prime minister.

To Aftonbladet’s question, Anderson replied that the words of the American president suffice.

Oral statements made by President Biden are very powerful.

Anderson held a press conference outside the Capitol after her meeting with Biden.

Continuing talks with Turkey

NATO requests must be approved by the parliaments of all 30 member states. Turkey is the country that has indicated that it will not agree to Sweden and Finland’s requests.

A message that can slow down or stop the process altogether.

Biden and many other NATO leaders have said they want to get in quickly, because of the radical change in the security policy situation that has arisen in the world in the wake of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Residents say Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said no in an attempt to force concessions. Not only from Sweden, but also from the USA.

Therefore, the Americans, who largely take the lead within NATO, can play a central role in persuading Turkey.

After a busy day in Washington, Magdalena Anderson told Aftonbladet that talks with Turkey will continue this weekend. You avoid questions about who exactly is participating in discussions.

How did you talk about the Turkish situation during your meeting with Biden today?

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– Of course, that question was asked, and President Niinisto and I described that we have this dialogue with Turkey, that it will continue this weekend, and that we are trying to iron out any question marks that may exist.

Have you personally called President Erdogan?

– We have contacts on several different levels, we will tell you more – About We think it benefits the process. The most important thing now is to move forward.

So you didn’t talk to him in person?

– I will tell you about the talks that are taking place between Sweden and Turkey, or between Sweden and Finland and Turkey, at the pace that we think will benefit the process best.