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Szkodliwy SMS. Uważaj, mogą Ci wyczyścić konto

Malicious SMS infecting Poles. Be careful, they can erase your account

Watch out for SMS messages with information about a new voicemail – CSIRT KNF Alerts. This is a scam designed to implant a dangerous Trojan into Flubot Banking.

Flobot Trojan is something the media wrote about at the end of 2021. This malware, usually distributed as a link in an SMS message, can do both. Steal your address book as well as financial credentials. It uses the former data for further distribution, sending subsequent malicious messages to numbers in the contact list, while the latter is, of course, for the actual attack.

It also alerts the Polish financial sector’s computer security response team, CSIRT KNF, The Flubot Trojan makes itself felt againThis is in the updated version 5.6. It’s not entirely clear how it differs from previous variants, but increased caution should certainly be taken.

The message sent, as before, is designed as Mobile network operators connections Announces a new voicemail. Of course, there is no recording under the attached link, but there is a site that suggests that if you want to listen to said content, you should Download the indicated application – This is nothing more than Flubot 5.6 Trojan in all its glory.

A little consolation, at least for some, will be the information that according to the available data Flubot only attacks Android devices. So this time iOS is safe, as are computers running Windows, Linux or macOS. In either case, it is better not to be tempted by fate and in no case to click on anything.

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On the other hand, if the milk spills, it is a wise practice Immediately call the bank’s hotlineWho should direct what to do. Ideally, a phone other than the infected one should be used for this.

Image source: Shutterstock (Maxim Kaplyuk)

Text source: CSIRT KNF, ed. king