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Windows 11 - 8 Aspects It's Better Than Windows 10 - PC World

Windows 11 – 8 Aspects It’s Better Than Windows 10 – PC World

Although it’s far from perfect, Microsoft’s new system isn’t as bad as it might sound as if you’re reading more about bugs and issues.

Microsoft w Windows 11 It has gone strides further than it did in Windows 10. While we still don’t like the Start menu, it’s worth showing some aspects in which it has excelled over its smaller relative. What are these aspects?


An operating system is supposed to do two things: work and entertainment. if Windows 10 It can be described as a system that focuses more on pleasure, and its successor focuses on creating an ideal work environment. As Microsoft President Satya Nadella said: “Windows is a place for all of the company’s subscriptions,” i.e. Microsoft 365, Office, Xbox Game Pass, etc. So, there is a stronger focus on communication with Teams and OneDrive, as well as a focus on mode and other elements that Help to work more efficiently.

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Windows 11-8 is better than Windows 10

Foot. Mark Hatchman / IDJ

In Windows 10, we have a lot of settings and people who are not used to them may get lost. In Windows 11, it was more clearly organized, and there were also options for presenting recommended settings. In general, it’s easier to get to where you want to go without clicking more options. In addition, each section provides both textual and graphic information, giving you a more visual overview of the situation.

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Good start, or OOBE

Windows 11-8 is better than Windows 10

Foot. Mark Hatchman / IDJ

OOBE It is an abbreviation of English words Experience out of the box. It just means enjoying the convenience of your devices right out of their packaging. Windows 11 is very interesting because it is very easy to connect mobile apps and Office apps with it. Only a Microsoft account and appropriate subscription are required. Everything is done quickly and easily, so you can start working with the new system right away.

Notification Center

Windows 11-8 is better than Windows 10

Foot. Mark Hatchman / IDJ

This is not a given in Windows 10 nor in Windows 11, but the newer system has much more aesthetic and comfortable solutions. We also have the option to modify several important settings, such as volume or brightness, and in the case of laptops, you can also see the battery level. Thanks to this, it is much more convenient to use than its counterpart in Windows 10.

Capture the layout

Windows 11-8 is better than Windows 10

Foot. Microsoft

A small but important change, especially for those who use more than one screen per day. get here Ready set of templatesWhich organizes the application windows on the screen according to the user’s choice. Initially, we received six molds. It must be admitted that it has been fully thought out. It will also be useful for people who have several windows open at the same time.

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Windows Media Player

The media player, which gave way to Groove music in Windows 10, is back with a bang. It is true that it is not so versatile as it has good worship VLCBut that doesn’t mean it’s bad. It should be noted that it is constantly being developed – the latest thing is the addition of the library and the possibility of improving the quality of video materials.

Android and Windows

Windows 11-8 is better than Windows 10

Foot. Microsoft

Native support for Android apps was something that users themselves demanded – and Microsoft has responded. It is true that in the beginning it is done Amazon AppstoreBut this is about to change. In any case, even the current support has significantly expanded the capabilities of the system. And if that wasn’t enough, both Windows 10 and Windows 11 are emulators too BlueStacks.

DirectStorage i AutoHDR

Thanks DirectStorage Players will experience significantly reduced game load times and faster texture loading. On the other hand, it is turned on by default AutoHDR It will have a very positive effect on the visual quality and will allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of modern monitors.

Finally, it is worth remembering that Windows 10 It’s already a closed chapter for Microsoft, while Windows 11 will be developed. Maybe it’s worth considering a newer experience?

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Source: PC World