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Man City need a Champions League win

It is rightly said that wanting is not harmful. It is harmful to desire. There is a fine line between healthy desires and the lust for something. The goal must exist and beckon from afar, but it must not crush all means under itself, turning the pursuit into agony. PSG have already crossed a dangerous border: a record amount for Neymar, an invitation to Ramos and Messi, a refusal of 200 million euros for Mbappe – this is a chain of actions in the style of a gamer who is ready to put his very life on black. And be sure to lose – these are the laws of the genre. 22Bet website offers you only best sportsbetting odds on the market.

The owners of PSG feel very painfully that they owe themselves the victory in the Champions League, this feeling undermines pride and controls the process, and while this is the case, the longed-for triumph is possible only if three “sevens” fall out on the slot machine as a sign of coincidental favorable circumstances. Manchester City seem to be more cold-blooded and calculating in this sense, not least because of the stability on the coaching bridge, where Josep Guardiola sits.

In general, Pep prefers not to declare lofty goals and move in the seasons by rolling forward – due to the class of the squad, teamwork, timely tactical and strategic rearrangements. In a word, due to a set of acquired qualities – football players that can be bought for money, and a game that can be played with a cool squad, time and non-trivial ideas in a bald head. Guardiola is an absolute top coach, but Ibrahimovic was right when he compared Barcelona players to diligent schoolchildren.

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Josep needs talented and diligent students, he does not tolerate real violent in his teams, cuts off oxygen to “bad guys” and teaches obedience. Foden, under the supervision of Guardiola, is unlikely to become the new Gascoigne for England, and it’s even good for Phil specifically, but in football, fortunately, there are still moments in which unbridled temper is more important than interactions brought to automatism. This wild note has a lot of power over the game, which is why distilled teams like City are effective in measured tournaments, but become vulnerable in desperate cup fights.

Guardiola has been very calm about Manchester City’s Champions League eliminations for several years. Sometimes he praised his players, sometimes he scolded, but he always remained kind and condescending. There was an impression that now Pep has come to the realization that the Champions League cannot be won only due to the inertial game move and the chain of correct decisions, a motivating substrate is also needed. The Manchester City manager recently sent the following message:

We must win the Champions League. Then we can get worldwide recognition. Can we do it? I don’t know. However, it is worth noting that we have been trying to dominate for 5 seasons. Our team has always fought for trophies, it’s hard to deny.

Guardiola made a clear cause-and-effect relationship for football players: if you want world recognition, win the Champions League. However, even here the Catalan spoke diplomatically, continuing his speech with a soothing phrase, and not annoying, which Mourinho could give out in continuation, or sarcastic-bitter in the style of Klopp. It seems that Pep wants to put pressure on his team, push it in the right direction, but he is well aware that the City he built himself is not ready for such methods of influence.

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