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Oberliga Niederrhein: Promotion Tour – Bocholt triumphs on top, Hilden remains on the lookout

1. FC Bocholt is the new captain at Oberliga Niederrhein. But VfB Hilden also kept in touch with a landslide victory. A quick look at the third day of the roadshow.

Change the guard on top Oberliga Niederrhein. After the SSVg Velbert touched down 0:4 at Sportfreunde Baumberg on Saturday, there was a high chance of Easter Day 1 FC Bocholtto take the lead. Yan Wenqing and his team were not asked twice against Germania Ratingen. but that too VFP Holden stay tuned

1. FC Bocholt – Germania Ratingen 2: 0

Oberliga Niederrhein has a new leader for the backgammon. 1. FC Bocholt took advantage of SSVg Velbert’s big mistake and won 2-0 at home against Germania Ratingen. But Bocholter needed time to get started. After the first round, in which Bocholters became more convincing over time, but could not break the well-organized Rattinger defense, the first half went 0-0.

After changing sides, Bocholters became stronger and pressed to achieve the opening goal – successfully. After a nice attack, Andre Bogla appeared free in front of goal and we just had to push (61). Then Bocholters tried to bring home the lead and be a good defensive one. After a corner, Tobias Bosch got the early decision with the dust collector (78th). This means that 1. FC Bocholt is one point ahead of SSVg Velbert at the top of the Niederrhein Oberliga.

VfB 03 Hilden – Spvg Schonnebeck 4: 0

VfB Hilden keeps up with the top. With a confident 2-0 win (1-0), VfB slipped to three points behind SSVg Velbert and still four points behind 1. FC Bocholt. Shortly before the break, Patrick Bercoko put his team on the road to victory (40′). In the second half, it was Torgarante Pascal Webber who scored the final result with his 20 goal this season (62).

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1 FC Cliff – TV DVD Filbert 1: 2

The match between 1. FC Kleve in fifth place and TVD Velbert in sixth place was supposed to be nothing. However, both teams wanted to win the match. Ismael Schubert-Obakari Felber set the victory road after 39 minutes. But after the break, the homers were tied by Cliff by Danny Runkle (58). However, TVD had the correct answer ready: Mike Bleckmann made it 2-1 again after just nine minutes (67th place). Shortly before the end, it was hot again. Alex Fagasinski saw his second yellow card and had to shower early (88′). But the people of Filbert saved the score over time.

TSV Meerbusch – Monheim 0:2

TSV Meerbusch remained 11th and last in the climbing round after match two. After the first half without goals, FC Monheim came out of the dressing room better and advanced quickly thanks to Dennis Urdelheid (53). In the last minutes of the match, Demetrius Toratzidis made it 2-0 (82). With this win, Monheim overtook Ratingen for seventh.

Click here for a table for the boarding tour of Oberliga Niederrhein.

Results at a glance:

VfB 03 Hilden – Spvg Schonnebeck 4: 0

TSV Meerbusch – Monheim 0:2

1. FC Bocholt – Germania Ratingen 2: 0

1. FC Kleve – TVD Velbert 1: 2

SF Baumberg – SSVg Velbert 4: 0 (April 16)