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Maná singer ended up on earth because of a fan

Fer Olvera, a mana singer, was the protagonist of an error in his presentation as part of Mash Festival, at the Kia Forum in California. At some point during the group, a fan went up on stage to join the group.

The young woman was chosen by the artist and climbed Stairs at full speed accompanied by security personnel. Already on stage, the fan tried to get on it but They both ended up on the ground.

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The movement surprised the young singer. The moment was recorded and spread on social media. “Do you play American football or what?‘ Fahr asked the fan named ‘Nancy’.

The memory of the strong fall that Ver de Mana suffered

Many will remember, in October 2014, the heavy blow to Veer during his presentation with Mana at the 8th Presidente Festival held in Santo Domingo.

While singing the topic On San Blas PierThe singer came very close to the edge of the stage and when he turned around she fell into the void. As was known, the musician was not injured and was able to continue the show.

“This is slippery. I fell all the way… Thank you girls for catching up with me… ”, the artist said according to

Coldplay called De Mana on stage to sing “Rayando el sol”

In March, Coldplay invited the musician to appear on stage during the presentation of his latest album fields music In Guadalajara, in Akron Stadium. The crowd was surprised.

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Singer Chris Martin invited to go on stage for mana leader Let’s make a version of the classic “Rayando el sol” together. The Mexican performed a large part while the Coldplay singer sang parts of the chorus. At the end of the release, the performers hugged before the audience applauded.

Last year, the Mexican group received an award lcon . award during a party Billboard Awards Latin music.

According to a statement from the organizers, the recognition was “because he has cut a career in which he has not only remained relevant over time but has also become the most outstanding artist of his kind, praised worldwide for commercial success.”

Mana is a symbol of Latin music, An icon in rock and in all music in Spanish ”, the note highlighted. During their 35-year career, the Guadalajara band of Fer Olvera, Alex Gonzalez, Sergio Valin and Juan Caleros has taken their music to more than 40 countries and has sold more than 40 million records worldwide, With dozens of songs including “Rayando el sol”, “Vivir sin aire” and “Don’t stop the rain”.