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"Marila. I loved it so much".  Movie about Maryla Rodowicz.  When is the premiere?  Information

“Marila. I loved it so much”. Movie about Maryla Rodowicz. When is the premiere? Information

The documentary “Marila. I Loved It” is set to release its first screening on TVP1 on December 25 at 21pm. Christian Guskovsky and Michael Bandursky were responsible for directing the film; Producer Paweł Gajewski (all three of them worked on Krzysztof Krawczyk’s “All My Life”, which was shown on TVP December 25, 2020). As the authors describe, the film will be a journey through the life of Marila Rodovich, while discovering “many spicy details from the singer’s personal, emotional life”. The documentary, which will be screened in December, will feature a number of conversations between teachers and the artist, as well as recordings of music, rehearsals and concerts. Viewers will also see previously unknown archives in Polish television.

In addition to Maryla Rodowicz, the film also stars Daniel Olbrychski, Helena Vondrackova, Andrzej Sikorowski, Adam Sztaba, Maria Szabłowska and the singer’s relatives and associates. “The most important thing in this film is the story of how Marila fell in love, there are many violent emotions in this story (…). It is about Marila Rodovich, but about the important people in her life,” says Michał Bandurski, one of the directors.

The film was made within a year. However, according to Paweł Gajewski, Maryla Rodowicz, despite her busy schedule, found the time to make a film that she “really cared about”.

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