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Marjorie D’Souza sends loving birthday wishes to Luciano, son of Letty Calderon

Letty Calderon thanks Marjorie de Souza for the reply she sent to her son, Luciano.

Photo: Mezcaliente / Mezcaliente

February 17th Luciano Collado CalderonActress’s son Leticia Calderon And the lawyer Juan Colladocelebrated his eighteenth birthday, receiving a barrage of congratulations from famous people and fans of his famous mother, but without a doubt it was one of the most important messages he revealed. Marjorie de Souza.

And this was through the stories of his official account on Instagram where Marjorie de Souza fulfilled Luciano’s dreamwho had expressed for a few months that to celebrate another year of life, he would like to meet the Venezuelan actress, whom he referred to on more than one occasion as his girlfriend, because he affirms that he loves her.

This is how last Thursday the villain of “La Desalmada” interrupted her vacation in the Riviera Maya to send a message A love letter of congratulations to Luciano.

I love you so much Luciano, may God bless you so much‘, I heard Marjorie say in the short clip where she also highlighted that she had already sent her letter to Lety Calderón.

I already sent him to his mother, but let’s all congratulate LucianoHe added about the recording being taken up by other accounts within the same social network.

It was during the red carpet of “José El Soñador” that Luciano revealed that one of his birthday gifts he requested was to meet Marjorie de Sousa, so his famous mother didn’t hesitate to answer that he wasn’t yet sure if he could grant her that wish.

I’ll see if I get it done… I’ll seeShe said in front of the media that asked her about her stage as a mother.

Also, through his official Instagram account, Calderon Tours He congratulated his firstborn son on his birthday, which he welcomed on February 17, 2004.

“Love. Do you know how happy I am for these eighteen years that you have made me?” I feel proud of you. I will continue to do everything to make you happy. Happy Birthday,” the famous wrote alongside a series of photos featuring the mother and son smiling.

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