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Mass demonstrations in Israeli cities against the new legal system

Gen. Moshe Ya’alon, former defense minister under Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, speaking to protesters in Tel Aviv, likened the new bills to a hostile attack:

– In 1973, when Syria and Egypt attacked us and our very existence was at stake, we did not hesitate to risk our lives to protect Israel. Today we again face mortal danger and, as then, it is our duty to resist.

Former leader of the Labor PartyAdmiral Ami Avalon also believes that “the country is in danger”:

It will be a long and hard battle. Our task will be to avert a national catastrophe. But we never give up.

In Haifa, Gideon Saar, the right-wing nationalist and justice minister, said recently:

– In the fight against corruption, we must all participate, right and left, Arabs and Jews. Our message from here to Netanyahu is “Hands off our democracy!”

There is a great deal of uncertainty about the continuation of the drama. Netanyahu has yet to comply with a High Court order on Wednesday to fire convicted corruption Interior Minister Ari Deri, one of the key figures in the coalition. Deri and his ultra-Orthodox party, Shas, want the Knesset to pass a new law that would also give the prime minister the right to appoint people not qualified by the defense party.

Such a law It is already on the coalition’s agenda, but Netanyahu had no intention of bringing it up so soon. He is concerned that the government’s legal advisor, Gali Bahrav-Mayara, will halt his work before the bills have time to pass through committees. Sources close to Bahrav Mayara hinted on Friday that she is considering taking such drastic measures against the prime minister.

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The reason for this move, which will plunge the country into a constitutional crisis, is that despite his accusations of corruption, Netanyahu is engaging with force and enthusiasm in the so-called “justice revolution,” despite an apparent conflict of interests.