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Mauricio Martinez attacks Eduardo Verastegui

“You are disgusting”: the singer, actor and dancer indicated in response to the controversial message that the former actor shared on social networks.

EE.UU. – Eduardo Verastegui He once again unleashed attacks on his person and comments against him After he shared a message as well as making sure he would not be vaccinated against Covid-19. cause his statement Mauricio Martinez will be very critical of him.

Beware of vaccinations

Through Twitter, the Former member of the Cairo Group A native of Tamaulipas confirmed this do not trust in which they were created Vaccines It’s because of that You will not be vaccinated. In the same way he warned his followers and made a plea to be vigilant and vigilant because “Satan is looking for someone to swallow him up.”

“I haven’t been vaccinated and won’t get vaccinated. I don’t trust the people behind the injections. Too much family care, I don’t trust the people behind the injections. Too much family care, sober, attentive, attentive, devil, opponent, walking like a roaring lion. He is looking for someone to devour him, they want to clear us of the population. you will see that let go Because it does not comply with the platform standards,

“You’re disgusting”

However, before the tweet was removed to generate misinformation, the actor and singer Mauricio Martinez resumes tweeting by Eduardo for portraying him as someone who causes “mischief” and “misleads people”.

The other actor who wasn’t silent and attacked the hitter as well was Hector Suarez Gomes, who decided to quote Martin Luther King, Jr We point to ignorance and “Stupidity” by Eduardo Verastegui.

For their part, the 43-year-old Martinez’s followers praised his words, because they consider that Verástegui lacks credibility without foundations for Scientists who worked on its development and doctors who strive to save lives.

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Similarly, many netizens questioned it Call yourself pro-life At the same time, they encourage people to die for not being vaccinated. Because of his position, netizens also demand it christmas pattyAnd close account Twitter, where they will ensure that Eduardo Verastegui He misuses this medium to promote misinformation.

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