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Mechae Kubik on “SE” on the League of Nations and the Olympics: We’ll treat Rimini as a long camp [WIDEO]

Author: Cyfrasport
Mishai Kubik

There are more unknowns in the Rimini bubble than is known. We have to understand that, and the complaint will not change anything. For us, this is just another stage of preparation for the Olympics. I think most of us would treat this trip as a long training camp, but in a different country – Mishaw Kubik, captain of the Polish volleyball team, told Super Express. On Friday, Piao Zeroni began his month-long fight at the resort on the Adriatic Sea as part of the League of Nations with a match against Italy.

Mishaw Kobiak is a veteran of the Polish national team, has been present “always since then”, a player without whom the essence of the team cannot be imagined and one of the certainty of Vital Heinen’s coach for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. In two months’ time, the Poles will play their first group match with Iran. For now, they will remain isolated from the Coronavirus in Rimini and a series of 15 meetings. – I have just started the eleventh season in the first team, so I have already devoted some time to the national team including team B. I do not complain about my health, I do not have physical or mental problems, I am refreshed and ready to work – Mishau Kubik confirms to “SE.” Who has been playing in the J-League since 2016 with the Panasonic Panthers. Last season, he became the runner-up in the Land of the Rising Sun. The pandemic season in Japan was normal, although I am sorry for my team’s failure in the final. However, I do not intend to live in the past. We have a much bigger goal ahead of us and we are striving to achieve it at all costs – confirms Kubik, who turned 33 this year and some time ago – before the Tokyo Olympic Games were postponed – he wondered if he would still be available to the national team after them.

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The full interview is in the attached video material

We want to finally get the gold back from the Olympics

Poles will not hear Mazurk Dibrovsky before their matches! A scandalous decision

I don’t wonder what I will do after the Olympics when it comes to my international career. It goes without saying that there are only two months left for Tokyo, and I must focus my head on what will happen at the Games, not after the Games. The goal is to prepare them better and do their best to finally get the gold medal – says the captain of the volleyball team.

Kubik: I don’t think they’re going to cancel the games anymore

– This extra year of waiting did not change anything, another season he played at the club, and a number of other matches in the legs – he adds. The goal is the same, regardless of the year the most important event takes place. There will be “Tokyo 2020” on the banners, we should be happy that the Olympics will take place, we have qualified for it and we will fight for the gold. There may be little time left to cancel this event, much effort has been put in, and the vaccination campaign has begun. Huge funds have been invested to postpone the Olympic Games again. However, if something catastrophic happens and the games are canceled, it would be very sad to accept this situation, and accept what we have no control over. We have an impact on what happens on this orange part of the dance floor – comments by Kubiak, who has been with the band in Italy since Monday. In the town of Cervia, near Rimini, in anticipation of the first match of the League of Nations.

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Vital Heynen for “SE” with a change of squad and still a mysterious bubble. I have to take care of toothpaste and hair gel.

This is a longer camp for us

When it comes to Rimini’s bubble, there are a lot more unknowns than it is known. We have to understand it, and complaining will not change anything. This tournament is a preparatory phase for the Olympics. I think most of us would treat this trip as a camp, a longer boot camp, but in a different country – that’s Kubiak’s summary.