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Media: Elizabeth II called her immediate family.  “The message was clear”

Media: Elizabeth II called her immediate family. “The message was clear”

In the last weeks in Great Britain Concerns about Elizabeth II’s health increased. First, the media around the world received news about her Several hours visit to the hospital I Cancellation of Northern Ireland trip. The British monarch “reluctantly” accepted the medical recommendation, according to a statement released on social media at Buckingham Palace. The king’s spokesman added:

It was then reported Elizabeth II will not appear in COP26 In Glasgow. At that moment, the king left A two-week vacation, some of which she spent at the Palmoral home In Scotland.

In fact, Elizabeth II was clearly thin, but so far she had not lost her good mood, appearing at official events. Recently, however, something disturbing happened. Before canceling their voyage, the kings and their daughter Anna attended their 100th anniversary Thanksgiving service at the Royal British Legion in Westminster Abbey (their families), Everyone’s attention turned to the staff who began to dye her majesty.

Media: Elżbieta II interviewed immediate family members

When, however Last week, at the last minute, he missed the Memorial Day celebrations With the participation of the entire royal family, Elizabeth II’s anxiety began to increase. “The Queen, after straining the muscles of her back, this morning, with great sadness, decided that she could not attend The Cenotaphil Memorial Sunday. Her Majesty was disappointed that she would miss the ceremony,” the statement said. This is the seventh time that Elizabeth II has failed to pay homage to her warriors during her 69-year reign. Twice the reason for the absence of the queen is pregnancy, four times – a foreign path.

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Thus, the most widely organized Christmas so far has been questionable. Elizabeth II oversaw the production each year and then hosted an evening party with immediate and extended family participation. Problems with Prince Harry and Megan Markle For the third time they refused to go to Great Britain. This means he will never see Queen Archie again and will never meet the many-month-old Lilliput.

Health also declines The intense experiences of the majesty who lost her husband a few months ago made senior members of the family and royal physicians think. The idea was to leave Glamor this year, And sitting at the Christmas Eve table with a casual entourage. According to media in the UK, Elizabeth II invited the familyDiscuss the holiday issue.

– We studied.

In fact, although we will still be celebrating Christmas in a month, Windsor Castle is already in a festive mood. At the request of Elizabeth II, the staff prepared Christmas decorations that would be admired not only by members of the royal court but also by visitors to the King’s headquarters near London. The Windsor Christmas tree is impressive and a 13 hours were spent decorating it.

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Prince Charles asked about Elizabeth II’s health

A spokesman for Buckingham Palace has so far declined to comment on the king’s well-being. Recently Prince Charles was asked about his mother’s health. Heir to the throne alongside Camila Parker-Pauls He agreed to speak to the media During a trip abroad and … surprised with a sense of humor.

– He laughed, noting his own age.

Charles seems to have inherited his sense of humor from Elizabeth II. The proof for this is her too Refusal to accept Senior Annual Award. The British media reported that the Queen had recently refused to accept the label “decently but firmly” because she believed it did not meet the criteria.

The Hon’ble Private Secretary explained.