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Mercedes can drive autonomously on highways at a speed of 60 km / h

Mercedes can drive autonomously on highways at a speed of 60 km / h

The German government has allowed Mercedes to drive its cars on the third level of autonomous driving on the highways. However, the problem is with the maximum speed, which allows you to drive only in traffic jams.

Germany will allow self-driving Mercedes cars to drive on motorways

Approval to drive on German highways in autonomous mode (level 3) is due to Mercedes compliance Normi ​​UN-R157. At the same time, Stuttgart is the first brand that meets the above criteria.

However, it is worth noting the approval of the German Federal Office for Road Transport Fully self-driving is not allowedAnd only one SAE Level 3. what does that mean? Well, although the driver can take his eyes off the road and manipulate the phone or monitor (with the TV) in the car, You must always be ready to take control of the car In case of emergency.

Fully autonomous driving, with which the car can take on any challenge on the road, is only rated at level 4 or 5.

Driver sensors during self-driving in a Mercedes

But the problem lies in the requirements that the standard imposes on Mercedes

Specifically, autonomous driving can only be used on specific sections of highways in total With a length of just over 13,000 km. The slightly bigger problem is the maximum allowable speed, which is 60 km/h only.

Mercedes Drive Pilot (SAE Level 3) will be available on the Mercedes S-Class and EQS in early 2022.

While in theory it can travel that fast, German law states that Vehicles that cannot maintain a speed of 60 km/h on flat ground are not allowed to enter the highway. There appears to be approval for self-driving, but nowhere to use it. The only reasonable option is to operate the Drive Pilot system in a traffic jam – useless in any other situation.

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How do you rate? Will Mercedes soon be ready for Level 4 and Level 5 autonomous driving and applying for German government approval?