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Meta and its new advances in AI for metaverses

Meta and its new advances in AI for metaverses

Robots in the real world and humans in the virtual world

This is how projects Zuckerberg sees for dead are viewed. Mobile devices, virtual reality and augmented reality headsets, and other miniature devices will allow the user to access the metaverse. Some of the projects within Meta are:

No language left behind: One of Meta’s main goals is to remove language barriers to the ability to communicate. This project creates a single system capable of translating all written languages. They also mentioned that one of their purposes is to create a file global speech translatorGlobal Voice Translator), an artificial intelligence (AI) system that provides instant interpretation.

But when talking about inclusion, Expansión asked Antoine Bordes, director of Meta AI, if they were considering other kinds of strategies so that Meta wouldn’t reinforce social inequality.

“We have a technological principle that says we don’t want to surprise people. We haven’t created anything yet, everything is on probation. We teach whatever we want to do so that we can contribute as much as possible to research projects, contribute and critique and maintain an open and transparent dialogue.”

His second project is under development CAIRaoke Project. It is suggested that they will be AI assistants in the future, that is, a new model of artificial intelligence for speaking, with the goal of people having more natural interactions with their devices.

Boards mentioned to Expansión that the intent is that the Meta can be accessed through multiple devices. “Some will offer better experiences than others. We are now developing groups to be able to offer users multiple entrances and not leave too many behind.”

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On the other hand, on the strategies that are being implemented so that Meta and all new developments in AI do not contribute to the carbon footprint, Boards replied: “We intend to make this more sustainable. We are looking to create new models that allow the same level of performance and quality, but with fewer resources.” We are also focusing on building devices that have good durability that can be used and recycled.”

Finally the company submitted the project All Learning AllianceIn partnership with professors from different universities and important groups of students, which aims to facilitate courses on machine learning.