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Meta announces communities and whatsApp news

Meta announces communities and whatsApp news

Many environments, such as schools, interest groups, and nonprofit organizations, use WhatsApp to stay connected on a daily basis. Meta responds to their needs by revitalizing communities – a function that improves communication between related groups.

The tool allows you to add groups to one community, and its structure can be modified according to your preferences. This way, users will be able to receive messages sent to the entire community and easily manage smaller groups belonging to a particular network. With the feature launch, there will also be new tools for admins, including the ability to select groups that can join the community and send messages to members of all groups.

Meta Communities
dead It also introduces a number of new features and improvements to the operation of groups in WhatsApp. It will enable faster and more efficient communication and reduce congestion in multi-person chats.
  • Interactions – Users will be able to reply to messages with codes;
  • The administrator is deleting messages – Group admins will be able to delete inappropriate messages in all chats they manage;
  • Increase the size of shared files – the allowable size of such files will be increased to 2 GB to make it easier for users to work together;
  • Increased audio conference participant limit The maximum number of people who can participate in group voice calls will be increased to 32.

The above functions can be tried out in the coming weeks.

Social messages, as with all WhatsApp chats and groups, are protected with end-to-end encryption. This technology ensures security and privacy for users of the platform. For more information on how Meta cares about community privacy on WhatsApp, please visit here.

While other apps create chats for hundreds of thousands of people, Meta focuses on supporting groups that are a part of everyday life. Communities on WhatsApp are still under development, and working on new features to improve this tool will be a major focus for the company in the coming year.