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Michele Renault takes a break from Televisa and enters the cinema

Witches are not only those who wear a high hat, striped stockings, big noses and long nails, but they usually also have a face. Michelle Reno.

The actress of “Wanting it all” and “The Queen is me” plays one of those magical characters “evil”, Romantic Comedies Film Now, Where Fantasy Will Be Present.

Little Michelle who has watched Disney movies says ‘I’, exclaimed excitedly during a break from filming.

The film directed by J.M. Craviotto (“Diablero” and “Cafe Takva: Keep Existing” begins with a couple in love with each other (Giselle Corrie, “La Donna” and Giuseppe Gamba, “Cindy, La Regia”), but this unexpectedly thunders, Everyone should follow his life.

One day she receives a call from her ex-mother-in-law asking for her help, as her son is getting married, but to a witch.

“My character is full of magic, he’s the one who puts all the imagination into the project. I say in others (telenovela) I love crying and I do it, but here I have mystical questions, it’s magic,” Michele details.

The actress had long since received many movie offers, but her contract is with her Televisa This placed her from one project to another preventing her from combining activities.

One day he decided to take a break from the small screen and soon two projects came to him, including “Malvada”.

“Yeah I was scared because he was going to the cinema, but I realized that as an actress I have to act and that’s it. I like it in the cinema, where they take longer for a scene, everything is measured more; and so on. We make 30 scenes in one day on TV , it’s a wonderful madness, because after a few hours you laugh and cry and hug and get angry and at night the body asks what happened,” he commented amusedly.

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“The truth is, I think there are many legends (between both mediums), here I feel like a fish in the water, it gives life to a character no matter if it’s a movie or a TV camera. That’s three pages a day, there are many other things that give you It cinema is memory and getting into character quickly, I can talk, and at the count of 5, 4, 3, scene two, I insert it, only television gives it.”

Michelle felt good in comedy, something that people like Manuel “Flaco” Ibáñez had already expected, and who made her noticing his comedic appearances several times.

“Something brought me here, I think I already realize it,” he highlights.

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