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Michelle Reno introduces the new member of her family | Jimi

Mexico City: Since Michelle Reno announced her separation from Danilo Caria, she has dedicated herself to spending more time with her family and especially with her son Marcelo.

And through her Instagram account, the actress and her son introduced the new member to their family full of pride and love, which brings them a lot of happiness.

It should be noted that one of the reasons for the artist’s decision to separate from her ex-boyfriend is her desire to be a mother for the second time.

But Michelle now warmly welcomes her new niece named Julia, who took the opportunity to introduce her on her social media networks where she dedicated an emotional message-

Julia we love you !! Thank you for choosing us as your family !! We will take care of you and always love you !! Today begins the millions of experiences we’ll have together. La Guerra We will be very happy and proud of the family we are. I love them, “the artist wrote in the photo.

Thousands of Michelle’s followers sent congratulations and tokens of affection for the lovely new baby who came to the family.

The actress announced a few weeks ago to TVNotas that at this moment she is in a duel after she ends her relationship with Danilo.

She revealed that when she feels sad, she takes time to grieve, even though she has tried to focus more on herself, her mistakes, or on practicing or doing the things she loves.

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