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Michniewicz: The result does not reflect events

Post-match conference

Mishka, Source:

Ceslav Micniewicz (Legia coach): From my point of view, the match was as follows: until the 80th minute we were in the match, the score was 0-0. Maybe we didn’t create many chances, Napoli had more and, fortunately, they didn’t take advantage of it. In our best moments, we conceded two goals – the first goal right after we faced a situation where we could make better use of it. It was similar to the second goal. The third goal is a great shot, within 10 minutes we have lost all hope of a good result.

I would like to thank the team for their effort and commitment, for their health on the field. The result does not reflect events until the 80th minute. Sometimes the changes are of great importance, and today the changes have accelerated the Napoli match. We knew there would be replacements from the starting line-up. When we were getting weak, they went into the field. Emreli and Castrate faced situations where we could score goals, and it was our opponents who counterattacked. We’re going back to Warsaw unfortunately, but when the sentiment cools down we’ll see some positives in our game. We played against a great team, the captain of the Italian league, and we tried to face them. If you conceded a goal 20 seconds after you scored yourself, it would be a huge pain. We knew that when we conceded first, it would be difficult for us to answer. These two moments are painful and sit in the players’ minds.

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The top performers, according to our assumptions, appeared on the field. We wanted to avoid direct duels between the central defender and our attackers, and we were looking for a way to get around them. The idea with Muci was good. We wanted to put a lot of players running the ball in a small space. We said in the first half that we had to be bold to keep the ball in play. It was not without errors.


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First – 28 minutes ago, *.75.251

Your already crying at me…..hmm. Class difference is just a fact and here comes the screaming and lamentation. Glory to the boys that they tied up until the eighty minute. To get one of the Igsigne, you can buy 2 Legies. Thanks for the sentiment. We thank the screams.


Lfan – 44 minutes ago, *

Soon, Michniewicz’s head will probably have a wash bucket, because lately it’s been looking really bad, but one thing worth paying attention to is the fact that we’ve managed to get rid of these cups and how much rigs we already have in their legs. It should be noted that all the teams we had from the first round of qualifiers (Bodu/Glimt, Flora, Dinamo, Slavia) were in the group stage, and Bodo/Glimt beat Roma 6:1 today! From the start too, we’ve played quite a bit and unfortunately there were also a lot of exceptions (like Kapustka) and it looks like they’re coming out today. In my opinion, Chezek should stay, because in the long run it will be an extra advantage, and he will not make another revolution here that will bring nothing. League about losses, do everything to play in the cups in the spring and win the Polish Cup.


LewLegia – 1 hour ago, *

And once with dumplings I will agree. “The score does not reflect the events” should be 6-0.
But this saying is the top of the beetroot, in 10 minutes we missed the opportunity, how much??? Come on, we’ve been better for 80 minutes.
The embarrassment of these texts, because sand that plays for 90 minutes and hits the goal is, in fact, a loss for the coach.


and untie – 1 hour ago, *

Tactical version of the game from Moscow. It’s just that the opponents are much better. Even the break the score was much better than the match plus the shake and the luck.
In my opinion, Emreli left too late, the guy got his chance, but after the goal, Insigne fired on the spot.

Basically you have to play to win anything. You won’t achieve anything just by bothering you and even in the league we stopped making up for the losses. Coach Chaslaw’s time is running out.


77/82 – 1 hour ago, *

This result was better than the match anyway. From the course of the match, the advantage of Napoli and the modes created, it could be 6: 0. Another thing is that the third goal in particular was poorly missed.


Goalkeeper coach – 1 hour ago, *

Putting top players like Lopez and Mladenovic and Seles changing into the squad says it all… What game we were in, the problem was crossing the midfield. We didn’t even try to play against the counter…because Kim, the only real striker, was sitting on the bench until 70 minutes…the lucky we got from the match with Bodo is over……….the team isn’t ready from Tactical in terms of conditions. Above all, it creates a lump of individuality… Now, as a reward for Chizio, after losing to Piast, give them 4 days off…


Spanish – 1 hour ago, *

In 80 minutes the score was 2: 0. There is an explanation for the failure in Gliwice. There will be 70 hours of rest, and less than 72 hours is not worth playing.


March – an hour ago, *

The result was a tragedy, and the match was very poor. We have not created a position outside of Emreli’s website. It’s time for a rematch.


Miodulskiego . headquarters – an hour ago, *

What is not returned to the pharmacist, had it not been for Al-Masza’ah, it would have ended 7: 0.

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