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Will KSW return to open Polsat? It’s all clear

In the past, we’ve even had two KSW concerts a year at the Polsat Open. But for some time, all of them were disabled in the PPV system. Martin Lewandowski revealed in the portal whether anything will change in this matter.

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The KSW 64 concert, to be held on Saturday 23 October, at the Atlas Arena in ód, is fast approaching. Most of all, everyone is gritting their teeth in the fight between Marius Podzjanovsky and Serene Osman Dia.

The broadcast from this concert will once again be available exclusively in the PPV system. It has already become customary that Poland’s largest MMA organization is not on open television screens. Will anything change in this regard?

It looks like fans have to come to terms with the fact that KSW won’t be going to open Polsat for the time being. This was confirmed by co-owner Martin Lewandowski.

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We’ll see, but we don’t plan in the near future. The world is really in a hurry. Seniors already support programs like Skype or watch movies on Netflix, which is why a PPV party is no longer a technological or financial hurdle. 40 zlotys for the opportunity to watch the concert, divided into several people, entertainment is much cheaper than going to the cinema with a girlfriend – says the head of KSW at

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Lewandowski explained that the main reason for KSW’s disappearance from Polsat was the coronavirus pandemic. At first, the concert was held without fans, and then with a limited audience. Therefore, the PPV system is the only opportunity for the event to pay for itself.

Even before COVID-19 came along, we had one, sometimes two KSW galas in public Polsat. As a result, the organization has reached a wider audience with its events.

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