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Microsoft Edge with a built-in image editor. We know what it looks like

Not everyone is happy with that.

Microsoft Edge users for a long time have complained that it receives more and more unnecessary functions. Meanwhile, Microsoft is working on another feature that may unnecessarily increase the software’s resource capacity. As it turned out, the browser will receive a built-in image editor.

Microsoft Edge with Photo Editor

and you know, Windows 11 It has the Photos app, which has been updated with the new system in mind. It allows you to perform simple photo editing. Here, you can resize photos, add text to them, crop and rotate them, make color adjustments, apply filters, and more.

Despite the capabilities that the Photos app offers, Microsoft wants to also edit photos from the level of its web browser. The photo editor built into Edge has already been tested – Microsoft Edge Canary. However, not all users can access it yet.

Web Editor Capabilities

How does the new feature work? All you have to do is right-click on any image on any website using the Microsoft browser and select the option from the context menu. Edit the photo. The built-in editor will then open, allowing you to edit the image before saving it to your computer.

Edge Editor -1

Built-in image editor in Microsoft Edge Canary. | Source: Windows Latest

Microsoft Edge’s built-in photo editor now offers much the same simple functionality as the Windows 11 Photos app, and lets you crop an image, change its brightness and size, or apply one of the many filters available to it.

At the moment, it is not known when the photo editor will appear in the stable version of Microsoft Edge. Who knows, maybe if users object to this feature loud enough, the Redmond giant will decide to abandon it.

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Of course, you can download Microsoft Edge browser via our software database.

source: Newer Windowsimage title. mat. king