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iPhone 14: Protective cover leakage shows no design changes

iPhone 14: Protective cover leakage shows no design changes

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An image of several protective smartphone cases said to belong to the 14th generation iPhone has surfaced on Chinese micro-blogging service Sina Weibo. Accordingly, the design of the previous model will be largely preserved, while the “mini” version of the device will be discarded.

Recently, Sina Weibo – the largest micro-blogging service in China – featured a photo of four supposed protective cases for iPhone 14 models. Twitter user “DuanRui” took the photo to post it on Twitter thus drawing attention to the leak in the West. He did the same for the iPhone 13 case. In the photo mentioned, the protective cases of different colors are labeled “14”, “14 Pro”, “14 Plus” and “14 Pro Max”. Accordingly, the “mini” version of the iPhone 14 will be dropped in favor of another “max” or “plus” version. According to rumors, the addition of “Plus” will replace the previous designation “Max” on 14 series models.

Is there a bigger camber in the ‘Pro’ versions?

According to the image originally posted on Sina Weibo, the iPhone 14 largely retains the design of the previous model. However, the purported protective cover of the “Pro” variant indicates a greater hump of the camera than the models of recent years. The camera is said to have a 48MP lens, although nothing can be said about any improvements over the primary camera at the moment. It’s not uncommon for the early appearance of iPhone protective cases or dummies, as manufacturers use them to test the new accessory beforehand. Note that not all Apple’s design decisions are taken into account, so final designs may vary slightly.

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The official launch of the iPhone 14 is expected to take place in September. In addition, Apple may want to promote iPhone 14 Pro sales from the fall with a new chipset strategy – at least that’s what Ming-Chi Kuo, an analyst at TF Securities claims. Accordingly, the technology group will publicly announce that the new SoC is installed only in the more expensive Pro models, while the cheaper ones have the iPhone 13 chipset.

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