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Międzyrzec Podlaski - Stal Kraśnik 1-2 (1-2).  9. 4th Dublin League Round

Międzyrzec Podlaski – Stal Kraśnik 1-2 (1-2). 9. 4th Dublin League Round

The teams that appear here in the history of live fighting have met each other twice. The Stal Kraśnik team won once and became a tie once without losing any games.

From the first minute, Stall Krosnik’s team hit the opponent’s goal hard. However, Międzyrzec Podlaski’s defensive line was well established and no attack gave up a goal. When Jacques Zheelinsky scored the first goal in the 20th minute of the match, Stall Krasnik looked at the players and Luck laughed.

Międzyrzec Podlaski’s team launched an offensive to make up for the loss quickly. Stall Krasnik team took advantage of the situation by scoring another goal. Seven minutes before the end of the first half, Jacques Jilinsky defeated the goalkeeper for the second time, turning the score into 0-2.

Pavel Gomer caused a burst of joy among the fans of Mitsirzek Podlasky by scoring a goal in the 41st minute of the match. The results did not change until the meeting was over. The game ended 1-2.

Between the 52nd and 80th minutes, referee Stahl Krosnik tried to calm the game by showing the players two yellow cards and one for the opposing team. In the 90th minute, Paęł Radziszewski of Międzyrzec Podlaski was shown a red card after a second yellow card and left the field. The player received his first yellow card in the 52nd minute.

Międzyrzec Podlaski’s team did not have enough time to deal with a decisive blow, and Stahl Krosnik’s team ended the match with a modest victory.

Międzyrzec Podlaski’s team did not take advantage of the changes. Stal Kraśnik did not take advantage of the wear changes.

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