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Mikonaz Rosnarsky became seriously ill after the divorce of his parents.  Then he weighed more

Mikonaz Rosnarsky became seriously ill after the divorce of his parents. Then he weighed more

  • Mikołaj Roznerski is currently one of the most popular Polish actors of the younger generation
  • However, he has had to deal with many issues in the past. When he was 13, his parents decided to divorce him. This moment left a huge mark on the then teenage boy
  • Mikonaz Rosnersky could not cope with the problems that suddenly fell on him. He had great problems eating, and he fell into anorexia. At one point, he weighed 42 kilograms!
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Mikołaj Roznerski continues his tremendous run for many years. The actor has happily fallen in love with Adrian Kalska and is the father of 10 – both in his career (among other things, starring in the “M Jack Mino” series and in many film productions) and in his personal life. Age Anthony. In addition, he owns three telecams, the “Most Popular Actor” and a Golden Telecamera.

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However, the actor is also behind him Tough childhood. When he was 13 years old His parents decided to divorce. Mother Dorota left her husband, who lived in Rolandovis, near Wroclaw. With his mother, his siblings, sister Agatha and brother Pyotrum left the house. Teenage Mikonaz decided to stay on the farm with his father. Despite the split, they tried to maintain contact.

I stayed with my dadMy brother and sister stayed with our mother. Whereas We tried hard to make sure these relationships existed all the time“- said Mikołaj Roznerski on” Dzień dobry TVN “.

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Mikonaz Rosnersky suffered from anorexia after his parents’ divorce

The separation of parents was a major blow to Mikonaz Rosnersky. The actor also pointed out that he had to face great humiliation.

I was ashamed of my house: an old, former German house, built in 1860. There was a Niska in the yard. Because of her I felt inferior. When my dad took me to school I told him to stop further on the street. “ – Said Mikonaz Rosnersky in an interview.

The teenage boy could not cope with all the problems that suddenly fell on him. He began to have chronic eating problems. Constantly counting calories. As he revealed to “Twaz Style” magazine, At one point it was so scary.

Trying to accept

Looking back, Mikołaj argues that Roznerski Anorexia was caused by his acceptance by colleagues.

“I think I fell into anorexia because I wanted to accept. Maybe even Need attention? When I suddenly lost weight, something unexpected happened: I noticed it felt different. Friends laughed merrily and friends stopped making fun. I decided it was a good direction and started counting calories “- he recalled.

Fortunately, the star of the series is “M jak miłość” He dealt with the disease and acted out his curiosity. In high school, he joined a drama group, and after graduating from high school, he successfully studied PWST in the field of toy.

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Photo: Paweł Wrzecion / MW Media

Mikonaz Rosnersky had a very difficult childhood

However, the 37-year-old actor admits that you have been hungry for a lifetime Counting calories can be converted into counted kilometers traveled or converted into the number of kilograms converted at the gym.

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