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"Życiorys Mariana Banasia to życiorys patrioty, ale nie ma osób równych i równiejszych, zwłaszcza w czasach rządów PiS" - powiedział premier Mateusz Morawiecki, pytany o sprawę szefa NIK Mariana Banasia. Podkreślił, że nie zna szczegółów śledztwa ws. szefa NIK, a sprawę muszą zbadać odpowiednie organy.

About Banas Moraviki: During the PIS regime, there were no equal and equal people

“The biography of Marion Banas is a patriotic, but not equal or equal people, especially during the PIS regime,” Prime Minister Mathews Moravici said when asked about the case of NIK leader Marian Banas. He emphasized that the letter was not a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations, but rather a signal of a formal antitrust inquiry into the allegations.

Prime Minister Matos Morawicki was asked during a press conference about the words of PO leader Donald Tuskin, who described NIK leader Marion Banas as a “political crown witness”. Last week, Dusk assessed that it was necessary to resist an attempt by the head of the Supreme Audit Office to remove the immunity because “he is indeed a crown political witness.”

He wants to testify about the deeds and wants to testify publicly about such acts, in the quotation marks you can say “political mafia” in which he was once a participant in a genre. Mr. In the case of Banas, immunity makes sense – it protects him from the attacks of officials who fear the truth of what the head of the Supreme Audit Office says about this power. Tusk said then.

There are no equal or equal people, especially in times of PiS government (…) and if there is evidence collected by the Attorney’s Office, it is of course necessary to proceed in this direction The Prime Minister said in response to a question.

I have known Marion Banas since she was in the Ministry of Finance (Banak was Deputy Minister and Minister of Finance, as well as the head of the KAS – Editorial Office), then I always emphasize her role – Said Moraviki.

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I also know his biography; We have had mutual friends from the underground since the 1980s. Biography of a patriot who at that time always defended the Polish Raison d’Tot – He estimated.

Both sides have a kind of grip, what can I say in the course of the conflict. I want truth and justice to prevail here. I do not know what the truth is, I do not know the details of the investigation, it is the secret of the investigation and I find it difficult to comment here – The Prime Minister pointed out. He said appropriate institutions should be supported in every democratic country.

At the end of July, the attorney general asked the Marshal of Chekma to dismiss the president’s immunity of the Supreme Audit Office, which wanted the National Attorney’s Office to bring in a number of allegations, including false statements in property calculations. . Earlier, Marion Banas reported on Twitter His son was detained at the Krakow police station. When he and his wife returned from vacation, they were stopped by CBI officers. The CBA announced the detention of Jacob Banas, the social adviser to the director of the tax chamber in Graco Dato’s G and the head of the Supreme Audit Office.

On Monday With help, the emails the CBA discovered on Baniya’s laptops prove that they both know.

According to investigators, Banas, who held high positions in the country, made many serious financial transactions in cash, not through official bank transfers, according to the newspaper. Out of circulation, i.e. knowledge of the tax office, he gave to his son from PLN 426 thousand. PLN up to 494 thousand. PLN, and these sums were not reported to the tax authorities under the heading “Civil Law Contracts.”“- says the prosecutor’s office. In an email, Banaś asked BLN to pay 50,000 to his son, to which the latter replied that he would give him “money” because “one of the governments has banned money from being paid into someone else’s account” against money laundering. Related to reporting from account to account transaction tax office. Did Panasi want to avoid this? Rzeczpospolita wrote.

PiS does not yet have a majority to eliminate Marion Banas’ immunity

PiS does not yet have a majority to eliminate Marion Banas' immunity

Today at 15 Parliamentary Disciplinary Committee. After examining the case, the panel will adopt a report with a statement from the Supreme Audit Office accepting or rejecting the President’s motion to dismiss the immunity.

Consent to bringing the head of the NIK to criminal responsibility is expressed by Sezmal through a resolution adopted by an absolute majority of the legal representatives. Failure to get the required majority of votes means that you do not agree to it.