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Minister Mல்லller: “We need a ‘Paris Agreement’ for species conservation”

21.03.2021 |

Berlin – German Ministry of Development on International Forest Day (BMZ) And this நபு He announced an increase in cooperation on forest conservation and signed the “Natural Skills Partnership”.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) Introduced Forest Day in the 1970s to draw attention to global deforestation.

Federal Development Minister Gert Mல்லller: “Our planet’s green lungs are in grave danger. Over the past 30 years, 420 million hectares of forest have been lost. This is almost the EU’s area. Globally, the area of ​​a football field is cleared every four seconds – especially for large soybean and palm oil plantations.We must stop it! We need to start a trend based on the biodiversity conference in China Reverse: We need a ‘Paris Agreement’ for species conservation because forests and habitats: 300 million people worldwide Living in forests and jungles Three-quarters of all animal and plant species on earth have a home. We must continue to preserve this world heritage. “

The BMZ Kafa of Ethiopia is working with Nabu to protect the mountain cloud forests in the biosphere reserve. There, sustainable management of 10,000 hectares of forest can be preserved for a long time. To expand cooperation, NABU, the NABU International Nature Conservation Trust and the Federal Ministry of Development have signed the “Natural Skills Partnership”. In addition, collaborates BMZ And NABU with the newly established Heritage Land Fund aimed at raising private capital for nature conservation.

NABU President George Andreas Krueger on the occasion of the signing: “NABU and it BMZ It unites the common goal of conserving nature and the environment and promoting sustainable development. Now is the time to change and strengthen the issues of Govt-19 and beyond, as well as development cooperation in Germany and around the world. Clean air, clean water, fertile soil, rich biodiversity, and climate – these are all important natural resources. Where this capital is destroyed, the world’s poorest people suffer the most. Conserving nature is a question of universal justice. “

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Currently supports it BMZ Its allies in the protection and stable management of 130 million hectares of forest – almost four times larger than Germany. About six million people have been affected BMZ Benefit of funded activities for forest conservation and sustainable use. An example: The Eco Business Fund provides “green credit taxes” to German banks in Latin America with German support. Local companies must prove that they are operating in a consistent manner, for example, through certificates of sustainability F.Sc. Or the Rainforest Alliance. 160,000 hectares of land are already protected from deforestation, and 120,000 hectares of agricultural land are protected by soil, which is similar to the area of ​​London. It generated eight million tons CO2 Stored and promoted 380,000 jobs in the organic sector. Due to its success in Latin America, this financial subsidiary was expanded to include Sahara Africa. The first duties went to a certified cocoa plant in Ivory Coast and coffee and tea cultivation in Kenya.