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Miss Marvel: Confirmation of X-Men’s arrival in the MCU in the final episode?  – News series

Miss Marvel: Confirmation of X-Men’s arrival in the MCU in the final episode? – News series

Spoilers warning. The series finale “Miss Marvel” hinted that the X-Men will soon make their big debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Marvel Studios

Please note, the following details the plot of the final episode of Miss Marvel, is now available on the Disney+ platform. If you haven’t seen it yet, and you don’t want to know anything about its content, we strongly advise you to stop reading this article now.

This is a surprise that Miss Marvel fans did not expect! During the final episode of the Disney+ series, Bruno made a major reveal to Kamala Khan, revealing that the latter does not have additional assets like her great-grandmother Aisha, but that her being is the subject of a “mutation”.

Thus, the series – which had already taken major liberties with the comics Miss Marvel – appears to alter Kamala’s origins. Belonging in the comics to Inhumans (which was created with the goal of replacing the X-Men, as we showed you in this article), the young woman now sees herself associated with mutations.

In order to leave no doubt about the arrival of mutated superheroes in the MCU, the scene is accompanied by a short excerpt from the main theme of the 1992 X-Men animated series (which a new season unreleased on Disney+ will arrive during 2023). Note also that this same theme also accompanied the sudden appearance of Professor Xavier, during the Illuminati sequence in Doctor Strange 2.

When and how will the X-Men officially appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Will it be introduced in Phase 4, which is dedicated to exploring the multiple Marvel universes, or will we have to wait for Phase 5? So many answers that we don’t have the answers to, but needless to say that this Miss Marvel scene has excited and excited many netizens!

The entire Miss Marvel series can now be found on the Disney+ platform.

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