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Montpellier winner, Rennes (provisional) runner-up from Paris Saint-Germain

Winner at home on Saturday in Montpellier (2-0), Rennes is now second in the Ligue 1 standings after 14 days. Breton FC, the new runner-up to Paris Saint-Germain, has confirmed new success thanks to the achievements of Martin Terrier and Louvreaux Mager.

Imperials vs. Lyon Before the break, Rennes dominated Montpellier again on Saturday (2-0), to temporarily sit second in the standings on Saturday during the 14th day of Ligue 1.

Despite a host of chances, Gaëtan Laborde failed to score against his former teammates who were reduced to 10 shortly before the break, but Martin Terrier and Lovro Majer, the darling of Rennes supporters, departed.

In all competitions, Rennes is now unbeaten in 11 matches and starts his 9-game marathon in 33 days in the best possible way. Their group leaders at the Europa Conference are expected on Thursday to face Vitesse Arnhem to try to verify their qualification for the rest of the tournament, then at Lorient on Sunday to cement their European place in L1.

Having tamed Andy Delort’s Nykoa before the armistice, Montpellier, on the other hand, sees his dynamic hampered by his fellow former top scorer before they host Lyon next week.

In a nearly complete but still orphaned Roazhon Park by RCK Ultras, who put his activity to a standstill after an attack, Rennes quickly opened the scoring thanks to a Martin Terrier header in the top corner, after a cross from captain Hammari Traore (1-0, eighth). Pressing loudly, Bruno Genesio’s men exposed the people of Montpellier to uninterrupted waves of attack: blows from Traore and Mager repelled or deflected, the attempts of Flavian Tait and Benjamin Beuregaud were unframed …

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Domination and Breach

Al Sadd gave way again half an hour before the match started: after a waltz by Tate with the opponent’s defense, Laborde gave a header to Majer, who made his first goal in red and black (2-0, 28). Laborde almost added to the score a little later, but the real blow came ten minutes later by eliminating Tigi Savagnier.

The Montpellier captain, who was returning from suspension, was warned in the third minute to protest and then again in the 41st minute for stepping on Jonas Martin’s ankle. Then Montpelera came back, in tight rows in front of their goal, as Rennes then lacked a title.

Beauregaud found the post (53rd place), Laborde missed two consecutive goals (61 and 63) and also touched the post with an acrobatic kick (86), and Adrian Travert hit the crossbar (74 e) …

On the other side of the field, Alfred Gomes did not miss a save from Stevie Mavididi (64). The Rennes goalkeeper had a quiet evening: Montpellier had 4 shots on goal for 30 (including only 7 shots on target) for Rennes.