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More and more Swedes are positive about NATO

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Nearly many Swedes now support NATO membership to the contrary. Shows two new metrics for the Defense Alliance’s point of view.

In a poll conducted by SVT/Novos, 37 percent answered that they wanted to see Swedish membership in NATO while 35 percent answered no. However, as many as 28 percent remain uncertain, and the percentage difference between yes and no side is not statistically significant.

About a third can’t answer the question but they stand and weigh and that’s where that question really gets set, says Torbjorn Sjostrom, CEO of Novus.

But the difference is huge compared to when Novus asked the question in 2017. Then, 32 percent said yes to NATO, while 43 percent said no.

Another Expressen/Infostat survey confirms the latest Novus findings. There, 35 percent of voters answered that they are with NATO membership while 34 percent answered that they are against it.

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