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Morning News in Brief July 12 |  News

Morning News in Brief July 12 | News

The US secret game to bring Sweden into NATO

On Monday evening, Sweden received the green light from Türkiye to join NATO.

Now, more behind-the-scenes details about the game have emerged.

Over several months, the United States made a major diplomatic effort to help Sweden gain NATO membership, according to CNN.

Perhaps the most important factor was the increased opportunity for Turkey to purchase the F-16 fighter jet, which Turkey wanted so much that the United States refused to sell it.

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Heavy rain and thunder in the south

Heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in southwest Sweden during the morning – with a risk of lightning and flooding.

As a result, SMHI issued a yellow warning for south of Halland, west of Blekinge and west of Kronoberg.

SMHI warns of showers that can reach 25-35mm in a short time.

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Explosives found on Nord Stream sailboats

During the night of September 26 last year, leaks occurred on the Nord Stream 1 and 2 gas pipelines, which run from Russia to Germany.

Now German investigators have discovered traces of explosives on board the sailboats suspected of being used to sabotage gas pipelines.

“The dhow may have transported the explosives,” investigators wrote in a letter to the UN Security Council, according to Reuters.

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