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wood sauna and pig toys |  Isabella Loewengrip

wood sauna and pig toys | Isabella Loewengrip

Second day in this little paradise! Perhaps I have never experienced the family as calm and harmonious. Paul has been at sea for three hours today (one hour in the morning and two hours in the afternoon – respectively). He is at his happiest when he is swimming and diving freely and taking pictures. This feeling of freedom seeps into his soul and keeps him comfortable for the rest of the day.

Sally is allowed to socialize on the island. I became friends with In the Adults and children (maybe we are thirty people on the island). When she left the sauna at 19.00 to cook dinner, she wanted to stay with the aunts. This is exactly what I was like as a kid.

Gillies discovers and grows with a degree of responsibility – which he feels very good about (he’s 100% Big Brother spirit). He carries his boat around and pumps more air. Things. He paddled both of us to another island opposite today. very fun.

And my mood lifts as I see that all family members are thriving and enjoying themselves in their own way.

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After breakfast today, Gillies, Sally and I went out and ran around the island for 2 laps, which was 2km.

Sally is training for the little team, Gillies wants to keep fit and I’m happy to do jogging (the kids are a lot faster than me).

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Isn’t it pretty here? Paul is in a boat club and the corporation owns the island so if you are a member you can live here. Paul had been a member for probably twenty years but had “forgot where”. Jah?!?

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The whole family loves to take a bath in the sauna. We’ve probably been here for two hours today (interspersed with bathrooms).

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After lunch, Paul and I had coffee with the cinnamon buns I had baked before. I felt like the perfect stereotypical “wife and mother” when I walked out with cupcakes—as if it were the most obvious thing in the world. (…my first time baking cakes).

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After more showers and saunas, we played on the beach. However, volleyball was so difficult that we switched to the classic “Pig” ball sport.

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However, Sally had to use the word “pig-nose” instead because it came out so quickly.

It was one of the things that motivated me the most when I was playing beach ball (you get tired after a while). And the thing was, “You get a nicer tan when you move.” Or so everyone says. I never sunbathe but now I think “uh spf 50 on the face and spf 20 on the body might give a nice tone when I’m jumping around”.

I haven’t seen any lines yet though. I suspect my bad pigmentation persists, despite my swimsuit-only piggybacking game.

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For dinner I made rolls. I fried chicken with prepared fajita spices, fried halloumi cheese, and baby slices of pepper in different colors and cucumbers. Then we had ajvar, hummus and fresh cream. simple archipelago.