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New protests in Israel against the controversial bill

New protests in Israel against the controversial bill

The proposal, which deals with severely curtailing the powers of the Supreme Court, passed the Knesset in the Israeli parliament in a first round. For it to become law, two more votes are required.

“totally destroy democracy”

The protests did not last long, and on Tuesday morning, demonstrators blocked highways leading to Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa.

– I came here today because the government is completely destroying democracy in Israel, says doctor Eitan Galon, who participated in the protests on a highway outside Jerusalem.


– We will fight to the end.

More demonstrations are expected

Demonstrators also gathered at Ben Gurion Airport near Tel Aviv to express their strong discontent. Later on Tuesday, a demonstration is expected outside the US Consulate in Tel Aviv.

The bill is one of several controversial proposals put forward by Netanyahu’s diverse coalition government, which is widely described as the most right-wing and extreme in Israel’s history.

Plans to reform the justice system have sparked months of widespread protests from opponents who believe the laws will push the country toward an increasingly authoritarian system where the government is allowed to rule arbitrarily.

Correction: In a previous release, the wrong location for the US Embassy was specified.

Police disperse demonstrators in Tel Aviv. Photo: Oded Balilty/AP/TT

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