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NBA – Golden State Warriors narrowly eliminated Memphis Grizzlies

NBA – Golden State Warriors narrowly eliminated Memphis Grizzlies

Warriors – Grizzlies: 117-116

Golden State leads the series 1-0

In the playoffs, all that matters is the end result‘, believed Klay Thompson after the Warriors’ 117-116 victory over the Grizzlies in the opening of the Western Conference semi-finals. Indeed, Steve Kerr’s men weren’t necessarily very convincing Sunday night against a Memphis who intend to fight to the end regardless of which opponent is up front. But once the bell came, Golden State pulled the first game of the series away, and without Draymond Green for another full half.


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The All-Star was ejected from the inside for making a bad foul on Brandon Clarke late in the second quarter. The Grizzlies, who were good on their legs, then took the lead in the first half (55-61) with a successful Ja Morant. The young guard finished 34 points, a small unit more than teammate Garen Jackson Jr. The first teammates tide for more than 30 points in the same playoff game in Tennessee franchise history. Despite this gap and the absence of their best defender, the Warriors are still back in the game, thanks in particular to Jordan Paul. He was put on the bench after starting five matches in the first round, and the youngster had no problem getting involved in his new role. He finished the game’s top scorer with 32 points in 5 out of 10 from behind the arc. Stephen Curry added 24 but 8 out of 10 in the picks.

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The California team even had a 10-point lead at the start of the fourth quarter (103-93) before losing ground and allowing Memphis to get back in front in time. Thompson finally came to the rescue by scoring crucial triple pointers to take the lead 36 seconds off the siren. Thompson himself, who was quite clumsy in the meeting (6 of 19 including 3 of 10 on three throws) missed two free throws 3 seconds into the end. But he made up for it with Morant’s help in the game’s final action. The Grizzlies star missed his layup, letting the Warriors win. Extremely successful, but a success nonetheless. Sometimes that’s actually all that matters.


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