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PJ coach Morse slams referees ‘If you don’t see it…’

PJ coach Morse slams referees ‘If you don’t see it…’

In fact, BG Göttingen wanted to celebrate a big party with his fans in the last home game of the main role – and save for the last chance in the playoffs. But nothing came of it. Ironically, Gießen spoiled the lavish festival of violets and their fans. What remained were frustrated faces and a lot of anger – about their performance, but also about the performance of the referees.


The BG Moors coach was “extremely disappointed” after the defeat. His team had a winning mentality for a long time, but that mentality was lost at some point during the season. “There’s something missing to win a game like that, the extra you need,” said the coach. Morse explained that it was difficult to accept defeat. Unfortunately, the confrontation opportunity was missed in the last round.

When asked about the referee’s performance, Morse spoke clearly. “We weren’t very good today either,” he said. But he saw an obvious mistake by McCollum on Frye. “If you don’t see it… something like that decides a match.” Instead, the judges called Brown an unsportsmanlike foul. Moores said the BBL is of a high standard. But what referees sometimes call, not just against BG, won’t do this level justice.

BG Goettingen – Giessen 46ers

After a strong start, BG Göttingen lost to Gießen – thus missing his last chance in the qualifying.

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But, according to Moores, BG didn’t do well that evening either. Offensively, the rhythm was missing, and defensively the person was extremely careless. The 46 players could have earned the best triple-pointer share of the season. “Only Camp was in the game today,” Moores said, praising the center’s commitment and will. Camp only seemed to realize what an opportunity BG had this season. But Morse said, “We don’t have work at that level in qualifying either.”

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In a few weeks, Moores said, you’ll definitely be looking back at many great moments and games. Because she’s definitely been there this season. It’s not for nothing that you were on the field most of the time. But now, after such a painful defeat, the coach explained: “Everything is too far.”

Pete Strobel (Job Steers coach Jason 46ers): “Of course we are very happy with our victory. It was a strange match, but we are very happy and proud that our boys fought to the end. It was a tough season for us, but we showed character to the end.”