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New Annuities: Will There Be a Second Measure?  How much will you get from July with a 12 percent PIT.  Accurate net accounts [4.06.2022]

New: a higher pension than July. Gross and net interest after reducing income tax to 12% – Calculations [3.07.2022]

This is certain, because on June 14, the President signed the law of June 9, 2022, amending the Personal Income Tax Law and some other laws. Among other things, by its power, the application rate in the first scale of the progressive scale is reduced from 17% to 12%.

Did you already receive your pension in June? The good news is that for most retirees, retirees with disabilities, and people receiving ZUS benefits other than old-age and disability pensions subject to income tax, your July payments will be higher! It is already known that in August there will be the 14th pension and this year it will replace the second pension, which not only pensioners themselves claim. Perhaps two indicators will be considered in relation to 2023, as well as the double doubling of the minimum wage, announced by the government next year.

The only tangible for the rest of the year, apart from the fourteen mentioned above, are the tax benefits resulting from the reduction, as of July 1, 2022, from the minimum tax scale rate – from 17 to 12 percent. Who will benefit and how much – We have prepared very detailed net and gross accounts based on several examples.

It is worth knowing that the low income tax rate has been reduced to 12 percent. It applies retroactively from January 1, 2022. This means that most retirees have excess tax deductions. However, ZUS will not return them now.

Although the reduced rate will undoubtedly translate into higher net pension payments for many taxpayers, we will have to wait for tax overpayments for the first six months.
Many taxpayers have returned the tax to the state at the 17 percent level. However, despite the change in prices, they will not immediately be able to recover the excess taxes. All thanks to the regulations that clearly state that it will be made at the time of filing the annual tax return for 2022. In practice, this means that a significant part of taxpayers will receive a refund for excess taxes only in the spring of next year – assures Blajer of

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It should be added here that people who pay electronically will have to wait a maximum of 45 days for return. Those who reach the paper version of the settlement will have to wait approximately 3 months, which in some cases may even extend back until July and August of next year.