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New Attack – Fake Netflix has appeared on Play Store

New Attack – Fake Netflix has appeared on Play Store

According to reports from Check Point Research, fake Netflix called FlixOnline was alleged to be providing access to the global Neflix. Instead, when you download it, it will spread to your friends list from WhatsApp chats and automatically reply to messages. Can criminals Personal data theft thanks to an additional phishing campaign.

Lucky in distress is that according to people from Check Point Research, the app has been downloaded at least 500 times – The number of victims could, of course, be many times higherBut it still has a fairly small attack range. Even worse, according to the researchers, the program uses innovative technologies – it hijacks WhatsApp connection by intercepting notifications, and it still has to somehow bypass the security of the Play Store.

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When it comes to cybersecurity issues, let us remind you that data from a massive Facebook leak recently surfaced on the web – you can check quickly, Did your data and password fall into the hands of hackers? Recently, in our country, fraudsters impersonate the Empek chain and send false information about the possibility of obtaining a voucher in the amount of 1500 Polish zlotys.