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Nowe auta straży pożarnej w Oleśnicy

New fire trucks in Oleśnica – – Oleśnica and Oleśnica poviat has already reported three new cars. Here is what the firefighters themselves wrote:

At the end of last year, the local headquarters of the State Fire Service in Olinica modernized and strengthened the rescue capabilities with the purchase of 3 new cars:

  1. Heavy rescue and firefighting vehicle (GCBA) with the function of reducing areas of chemical and environmental pollution amounting to about 1,080,000 zlotys. 4×4 (off-road) drive on a Scania P370 XT chassis, equipped incl. in a:

A water tank with a capacity of 5,000. Liter

– 500 liters of concentrated foam,

– automatic pump with a capacity of 3761 l / min at a pressure of 8 bar or 514 l / min at a pressure of 40 bar,

– automatic gearbox,

– Rope winch and lighting mast.

The car performed Szczęśniak company, special vehicles from Bielsko-Biała.

After completing the equipment and conducting the necessary operational training, the vehicle will be presented to the JRG combat division in Oleśnica (previously used GCBA 8/60 Scania G480 will be transferred to the JRG in Syców, enhancing the capabilities of the unit).

  1. Light reconnaissance and rescue vehicle (SLRR) with a 4×4 engine, a high-pressure extinguishing unit with a tank of 200 liters on an extendable platform, with an automatic gearbox and a cable winch, is standard equipment for this type of vehicle. The vehicle on the Isuzu D-MAX chassis with automatic gearbox is JRG equipment in Syców, rather than the used SLRr Tata Xenon vehicle (planned to be transferred to the TSO unit from the region). The total cost of purchasing the car was approximately 229,000 PLN. PLN, and its supplier was Marvel Corporation of ód.
  2. Light Operation Vehicle (SLOp) with all-wheel drive on the Kia Sportage chassis, with a manual gearbox, with additional equipment with portable radios. The vehicle will replace the previously used SLOp Dacia Duster, which is scheduled to be transferred to one of the OSP units in the Oleśnica region. The cost of buying a car is 142,000. PLN, and its supplier was Marvel Corporation of ód.
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The purchase of the above-mentioned cars would not be possible without the support of the following institutions:

  1. The regional headquarters of the State Fire Service in Wroclaw.
  2. The city of Oleśnica.
  3. Oleśnica Commune.
  4. Cities and towns Międzybórz.
  5. Cities and towns of Bierutow.

We would like to thank everyone for the support provided to improve safety at Oleśnica poviat.