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New sorting facility opened in Poczta Polska

A new sorting facility for Poczta Polska was opened in Szczecin on Monday. The hall has an area of ​​more than 8 thousand. square meters The company declared that the facilities used so far “did not meet the conditions” that would enable the development of services.

“Poczta Polska’s strategy is based on a very significant increase in revenue from courier services, as well as the development of logistics. For Poczta Polska, it is a great opportunity with the potential that we have as the largest logistics company in our country – said Andrei Podzioni, Vice President of Poczta Polska.

He added that modernizing the company’s logistics network in a few years is “a very important direction in the context of developing our business” in e-commerce, letters and logistics.

He noted that thanks to the new facility in Szczecin, working conditions will “significantly” improve, both in terms of space and the ability to carry out tasks “according to logistical standards.”

He also added, the new triage hall in the Mujahideen. Drucki-Lubeckiego occupies more than 8 thousand. Square Meters: More than 7 thousand square meters is warehouse space with 26 unloading berths, and one thousand square meters on two floors is dedicated to rest and office space. The vice president noted that the Szczecin node of freight and distribution handles more than 77 million shipments annually. He noted that pallet shipments “serve more than 50 contract customers, on average, daily in collecting and distributing more than 300 pallets, which in total gives us about 6.6 thousand pallets per month.”

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“We are moving to this facility from almost all of Szczecin, only on Dworcowa Street the letter items will be processed, and the entire facility will be moved from Mierzyn, where we have been until now, here” – said Bodziony.

The company’s vice president, Krzysztof Falkowski, emphasized that the construction of the new hall is “part of the Poczta Polska strategy, which assumes a logistical transformation of our company”, and that next year it is planned to commission a new logistics facility in Warsaw – the largest in the country.

“In Western Pomerania, we often talk about this big investment offensive when we build the roads S3, S6, S11, S10 (…) and we talk about this infrastructure as a kind of economic bloodstream that the economy cannot function without infrastructure roads. No The economy can function without efficient logistics. These logistics will take place here and they are very important ”- said Zbigniew Bojoki, voivode of West Pomerania.

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