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New heat record in China – peak heat in Europe

New heat record in China – peak heat in Europe

Dangerously high temperatures continue to affect parts of North America, Asia and southern Europe. In China, a new record was set during the 24-hour period on Sunday. In the city of Sanbao in the Xinjiang region in the northeastern part of the country, 52.2 degrees was measured, according to a report from the China Meteorological Institute.

The previous record was for 2017 when temperatures were measured of 50.6 degrees.

In the nearby city of Turpan, where ground temperatures were measured as high as 80 degrees, authorities urged workers and students to stay home. Private cars were also called in to spray water on the main streets.

UK Met Office signs Twitter Several heat records are likely to be broken in southern Europe over the next week.

During the day, for example, another heat wave is expected to move over Italy. In Rome, temperatures could reach 40 and even 43 degrees on Tuesday, which could break the city’s heat record set in August 2007.

The European Space Agency (ESA) warns that the islands of Sicily and Sardinia can be affected during the same period by temperatures of up to 48 degrees.

In Cyprus, where temperatures are also expected to rise above 40 degrees in the next few days, a 90-year-old man died from the heat and several people have been hospitalized, according to health authorities.

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