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New Year's Eve fireworks: Despite the ban, usher in the New Year with rockets and firecrackers

New Year’s Eve fireworks: Despite the ban, usher in the New Year with rockets and firecrackers


Greet the new year with fireworks, which will not work again this year – or can you? With these fireworks simulators, you can easily bring New Year’s Eve fireworks to TV.

New Year’s Eve fireworks will also go down this year. We’ll show you how you can still experience the fireworks. (Source:

  • This year also there will be no fireworks or explosions in many places for the second year in a row.
  • We’ll show you how to get into the New Year’s Eve vibe with a virtual fireworks display.

2nd New Year’s Eve in closing here and it’s like the last. Firecrackers, rockets? nothing. Anyone who was hoping for a big fireworks display months ago looks at the tube. Fireworks will not be on sale this year either, and some fireworks and rockets may not be lit in public either. There are regional differences here.

So there are already alternatives, specifically in the form of simulated fireworks. You can use it to create and play virtual fireworks on your mobile phone, tablet, PC or TV.

We have selected for you the best software for computers and mobile devices and reveal what you can expect from individual applications. Would you like to watch your own fireworks on TV then? Then take a look at our Mirror Screen. Here we explain how you can bring content from your mobile phone, tablet or laptop to your TV in no time at all.

Is this not enough for you? You can watch a lot of cool fireworks on Youtube. After all, banning fireworks has one advantage: you save money, because rockets and gunshots aren’t exactly cheap.

We wish you lots of fun with your little fireworks and Happy New Year!

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