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NÎMES OLYMPIQUE Discover Scores of Crocos against Ajaccio

A terrifying evening by Pablo Martinez. (photo by Anthony Morin)

heresy. The day after every match in Nîmes Olympique, the sports editorial teamtarget gard Provides you with an analysis of Crocs’ individual services. Back to the performance of Pascal Blanc and his men against Ajaccio (0-2) on Monday at the Costiers Stadium.

crocodile key

Patrick Berner (2/10) misses. This evening, Patrick Berner was not guilty of committing a complete pivot pass that Biala blocked on Ajaxie’s first goal (13). Crocos’ right-hand side had never hit offensively and had a lot of technical waste. In the second goal, he let himself get carried away by Cortette’s call and completely forgot Nuri at the far post. In short, a match to be forgotten. He was replaced by Paquiez (62nd place), the author of the correct entry for the game.

case after case

Lucas Dias (4/10): He delayed the deadline by blocking Biala’s attempt (11) well, but couldn’t do anything about Cortette’s opening scoring. On the other hand, he could have performed better in Nouri’s second goal (32). In the second half, Dias interfered in front of Idrissi (62nd place) but he also showed difficulty in the kicking game.

Naomichi Ueda (4/10): He roamed a bit defending Nim, and won some precious duels. On the other hand, he was overtaken by Kurt at the opening of the scoring and mean in his increases.

Pablo Martinez (2/10): A horrific match for Captain Crocus which was often driven by Kurt and El Idrissi. His unsuccessful intervention provokes the second Ajusshi goal. It was no better in the second half when Pablo Martinez injured his calf after several technical errors and had to let Al Idrissi slip away. He was replaced by Guessoum, a little tall but wary in his nineties.

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Teo St. Luce (3/10): Perhaps his worst game since the start of the season. Several failed checks, and few central positions, Théo Sainte-Luce was in tune with his teammates on Monday. disappointing.

Julian Ponso (4/10): He lost a little in the first period, and didn’t win much to offer his defenders solutions to recover. Better in a second, like his very nice opening for Eliasson on the clock.

Leon Delbach (5/10): In the oven and mill in the first period, he was one of the few who showed himself and suggested solutions going forward. He definitely failed, but he had the advantage of being active in the middle of a gloomy ocean. More back after the break.

Niklas Eliasson (3/10): A new match that Eliasson should forget, like this well placed free kick that turned into a simple pass for Leroy (77th position). Very little in sight other than one or two significant reversals.

Yassine Benrahou (4/10): Very little in sight, after all, he is the only one who brought a risk to Aribe’s cross (16) which was parried to the max by a defender, and then to Omarson in the best fit of the match (68) for Crooks.

Zine El-Din Farhat (3/10): Transparent in the first half, we saw him trying to make the revolution seem too muddled in the second. The hemisphere streak lining his chest deserved a better fate, but Ferhat is far from what he could bring to Nim.

Karim Aribi (3/10): He volunteered at the start of the match, took some balls with his head and showed himself. But after he was weaned off the balls, he ultimately didn’t weigh down the match at all. He was replaced by Omarson (62nd position), who hit the ball with a beautiful header (68th) and struggled at the front of the attack.

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Coach Pascal Planque (3/10) Deprived of many executives, he has been unable to regain the necessary momentum for his team after six matches without a win. Often split in half and uninspired, his entire training went through his first term. Nor was it better to come back from the locker room as Crocos reacted almost non-existently.

Referee – Paradis (6/10): Quiet match for a referee that we saw very little. Four yellow cards and a game set.

Discount – Ajaccio (6/10) : Without being unusual, Ajaccio stayed put and instigated each of the (many) errors in the Nîmes. A team that has the qualities to perform well in Ligue 2: Solidarity, consistency and experience.

Match (3/10): Somewhat closed part settled on individual errors. After the break, Ajaccio was satisfied with managing his relaxed advantage and the show remained poor.

Players are scored from 45 minutes of play scaled as follows: 0/10: player ejected; 1/10: A disastrous match. 2/10: very bad game; 3/10: bad match; 4/10: mediocre match; 5/10: true match; 6/10: a fairly good match; 7/10: a good match; 8/10: Excellent match; 9/10: exceptional match; 10/10: a perfect match.