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The former German football star is considering a return to the national team

Julian Weigl moved from Dortmund to Benfica Lisbon for €20 million in January 2020.

Photo: Sven Simon/Elmar Kremser/Sven Simon

Julian Weigl has been playing in Lisbon for nearly two years. In January 2020, he moved from Borussia Dortmund to Benfica for €20 million and remains the second most expensive purchase in the club’s history.

In an interview with Kicker, the midfielder now talks about his first time in Portugal. About working in the country’s capital, he says with a laugh: “It is such a pleasure to wake up every morning to see the sun rise over the colorful houses here. Lisbon is not called the City of Light for nothing. It is fun to be on the training ground here with a temperature of 25 degrees in mid-October compared to the constant rain in Dortmund.”

Weigel talks about the training ground in Lisbon

Right after that, he added something that apparently not even BVB can keep up with: “The opportunities for Benfica here on campus are incredible. The club has the best training ground I’ve seen so far.”

The Benfica Campus is one of the most modern training facilities and is located in Seixal near Lisbon. It opened in 2006 and includes, among other things, nine training areas, two canteens, swimming pools, a TV studio, and two fitness studios. In all, the “Benfica Campus” now extends over an area of ​​more than 19 hectares.

The former German football star is considering a return to the national team

In addition to his life in Lisbon, Weigl also talks about the possibility of a return to the national team. So far, the 25-year-old has only made five appearances for the DFB team: “I can only tell myself that I would like to return to the national team. I know the competition is tough. But I did it. Confidence to do it. And for this to work, I want to show myself as best I can.”

When asked if he will have to return to the Bundesliga for better chances for the national team so that he can present himself, Weigl replied: “I really think there is a way back to the DFB team from Benfica. There are a lot of national players playing here, We have better chances than those of a Mediterranean club in the Bundesliga. I have a chance to play for titles and in the Champions League. The conditions are there to play in the DFB team again.”