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No trade.  Biedronka has established a collaboration with Poczta Polska.  It will be able to open on Sunday

No trade. Biedronka has established a collaboration with Poczta Polska. It will be able to open on Sunday

Retail chains are bolder and bolder in banning trading on Sundays. While we are already used to the fact that Żabki neighborhood is open on the seventh day of the week, discount stores are now entering the game.

The patent to unlock is very simple. It is enough for the network to conclude an agreement with a courier company and enable the collection and dispatch of parcels. Then it acquires the status of a postal operator and trade restrictions no longer apply to it. It’s so simple that the recipe begins to die. Therefore, Janusz Schnyadyk, the former head of Solidarity and now a Member of Parliament for the PiS, announced that a bill was being prepared, which would introduce a reservation that the requirement to open stores is that the postal activity is the predominant type of activity of a particular store .

Gwen’s party is reluctant to change

Janusz Schnyadk confirms in an interview with the media that there is a green light in the government to close the ban. He might be a good face for a bad match though. According to the “Virtual Media” website, Jaroslav Guinn’s agreement is against the modification.

We support preventing SMEs from imposing additional restrictions while fighting the coronavirus pandemic. We are more supportive of business. During the coronavirus pandemic, we must liberalize, not stress, regulations on entrepreneurs – Jan Strzyk, Political Cabinet Chairman to the Deputy Prime Minister Jaroslav Gwen. He added that the chances of adopting new solutions are slim in his opinion.

The “Polish Post” newspaper dealt a heavy blow to the government

Thus, the fate of the amendment may conflict with the expectations of Janusz Schnyadk. Meanwhile, another blow to the leaked legislation came from the state-owned company. Poczta Polska has started a collaboration with Jeronimo Martins Polska, owner of the Biedronka supermarket chain. Its purpose is to allow you to collect packages at certain stores. Thus, Pedronka stores can soon open on non-commercial Sundays.

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For more than two years, Poczta Polska customers have been able to collect parcels from parcel machines located in Biedronka stores. Realizing the growing popularity of collecting parcels at points and vending machines, the company, together with Jeronimo Martins Polska SA, decided to expand the existing cooperation for testing. As a result, it will be possible to collect parcels directly from Pedronka stores during daily shopping “ – We read in the advertisement of Poczta Polska.

A government spokesperson confirms that there is no approval to circumvent the regulations

Government spokesman Peter Mueller responded to the matter.

– The Polish government is in the same position all the time – We will take such legislative measures to eliminate any possible ways to circumvent these provisions – announced.

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