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Noel 4th after the first round of Wengen slalom

Noel 4th after the first round of Wengen slalom

The Frenchman keeps all his chances of winning before the second round.

Clement Noel remained in ambush on Sunday with the fourth-fastest time in the first round of the Wengen slalom, which he won twice, while Alexis Pinturault signed for the 18th time.

The two Frenchmen, who needed to reassure themselves after being eliminated last Sunday from the slalom race in Adelboden, completed the 62/100 course and 1 minute 42 seconds from Norway’s Henrik Kristoffersen.

In a sweltering heat, with the top eight taking place at 88/100, Austrian Manuel Weiler finished second (at 11/100) ahead of the Norwegian leader in the major, Sebastian Vos Solifage (58/100).

«It was too easy and I didn’t dare leave the skis off properly. Sometimes I felt like I had to create speed and I just couldn’t.‘ Clement Noel explained.

«It was a pretty average round but solid, at leastThe Frenchman, who is still on a clear victory in Val d’Isère, followed by an exit from the track at the end of the second round summed up Madonna Di Campiglio, while the victory was up to him, then Adelboden’s mistake. Round two will start at 1:30 PM.

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