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OL and Peter Bosz get some fresh air in Troyes

Match: 0-1

Bruno Airlis has just arrived in Troyes, and Peter Boss fears that he will leave Lyon sooner than expected, the most menacing coach who won Sunday’s duel. With OL winning their first game since November 28 in Montpellier (1-0), Bosz will be able to prepare a little more calmly for the derby against Saint-Etienne on Friday, but the pressure cannot suddenly disappear. Because this success in Aube (1-0) takes his team From eleventh to tenth place only. She was helped by the very generous penalty kick fired in order to punish a completely involuntary hand from Palmer Brown, who could not see that he would touch the ball. Therefore, Moussa Dembele was able to open the scoring by scoring a gallon (33) with the wrong foot, who went through very hot minutes before the end of the first half.

The Trojan goalkeeper returned two shots from Paqueta (29, 41), each time Guimarães sent him, he came out well against Dembele (44) and the keepers saved him with a shot from Dubois that went well. intruder (45). Although he should have been vigilant against Shaqiri (85th), his second run was infinitely calmer as Leon was less dangerous, without actually being bothered by the Trojans who lured Lopez into thanks to Conte’s strike (24).) , before suggesting that OL was going to crack again in the last minutes.

Player: Moussa Dembele relaxes OL

OL’s problems this winter are particularly embodied in the ineffectiveness of their attackers. While waiting for the expected arrival of Sardar Azmoun, Moussa Dembele was ahead in Troyes, and seized the opportunity to open the scoring with a penalty kick (33).

His 50th goal with Lyon is not a story at all on the scale of the former Esperance international, who has not scored since September 12 against Strasbourg (3-1). After suffering a fibula fracture, he played seven first-tier matches before finding the light on Sunday. He had a chance to score twice but lost a duel against Gallon (44th place) and was replaced by Malo Gusto (81st), when OL was less comfortable.


Lyon scored his fifth penalty kick this season in L1, only to be surpassed in training by Monaco (7).