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North Korea launches new robots |  GP

North Korea launches new robots | GP

The military escalation on the Korean peninsula took another turn Thursday. North Korea fired two missiles toward the Sea of ​​Japan from the east. The bots were launched at an interval of 22 minutes.

The United States then shifted an aircraft carrier into the vicinity, in response to North Korea’s earlier missile launches, on Tuesday. Then North Korea launched a robot that flew over Japan for the first time in five years.

South Korea and the United States also responded by launching robots after North Korea’s provocation on Tuesday.

Twelve planes in formation

Thursday’s escalation was evident when 12 North Korean fighter jets flew into a formation near the border with South Korea, which the South Korean military said were eight fighter jets and four bombers.

– The plane was on a formation flight north of inter-Korean airspace, and we believe they were conducting air-to-ground firing exercises, the South Korean military chief said.

South Korea responded by flying 30 warplanes along the border.

The latest incident came on the heels of the shooting of the robot, which was also confirmed by Japan. On Thursday, Defense Minister Yasukazu Hama said the two robots flew 350-800 kilometers before hitting waters outside Japan’s exclusive economic zone. At their highest, they flew at an altitude of 50-100 kilometers above sea level.

Disagreement in the Security Council

This development was raised in the UN Security Council at a crisis meeting, but the council was not immediately able to agree on measures against North Korea.

During the meeting, Russia and China argued that US-led military exercises in the region forced North Korea to act. The United States and Western countries on the council said the disagreement in the Security Council meant North Korea was daring to carry out robotic launches.