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Nvidia is under attack. The company also launched a counterattack

It appears that Nvidia has been under attack with targeting email systems and development tools, but Nvidia has also been able to hack the attackers’ computers.

The time of the attack strongly indicates the Russian trend, however, the nickname is the Twitter user vx-underground The company says it was attacked by members of a group in South America PAGE $. This would confirm earlier Bloomberg reports that the Russians were not behind the attack on Nvidia.

As far as we know, the group was able to launch a ransomware attack on Nvidia’s internal servers, and reportedly managed to steal more than 1 TB of data.

Like many, but it is rare for a company to launch a counter-attack aimed at encrypting the stolen data on the computers it attacks with its ransomware. Unfortunately for Nvidia, the attacker managed to backup the data, so the counterattack did not achieve its intended purpose.

Reports from the US indicated that the company had had a problem with employee email for the past two days. In addition, the group published the source code of the drivers nvidia He knew it was possible to calm it down.

By default, the group made an offer to Nvidia to contact Nvidia and pay a ransom of an unknown value. if vegetables They will not give in, it is quite possible that in a few weeks a data packet will be sent online, and may also contain information about the company’s future products.